Grasping the new opportunities for capital winter investment, the era of blockchain technology subverting the advertising industry has arrived

Since the Internet era, human science and technology development has entered the era of globalization cooperation. As a new generation of financial technology, the blockchain is no exception. From the date of its birth, it has crossed national borders, races and cultures. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and various open source blockchain technologies, it has condensed the wisdom of global elite IT talents.

At present, the world is running into the “blockchain economy era”, and the launch of the POPC eco-value sharing advertising platform has brought a new dawn to digital advertising.

POPC has a huge impact on the advertising industry

Advertisers who join POPC can sign purchase contracts directly with registered media on the blockchain and circle the crowd. Every transaction and even every exposure is recorded on the blockchain, which greatly enhances transaction transparency. The use of blockchain and encryption authentication technology to help the development of anti-cheating in the entire advertising industry. At the same time, the user can achieve accurate portraits, realize cross-contrast analysis of multi-dimensional data, and improve data quality. POPC uses POPC tokens to build settlement, marketing, and consumer value carriers for the future digital advertising system, and realize the benefits of digital advertising participation.

Many investors say that blockchain is a way of recording transactions and contracts in online ledgers. The blockchain can record transactions for each digital token (such as bitcoin), but they can also track more complex interactions and create new ways to drive systems such as online insurance and social networking.

Any scarce assets will eventually be tokenized, as the benefits and liquidity of digitalization are so great. This means that cash, stocks, bonds, commodities, houses, cars, and various digital goods can all be tokenized.

POPC realizes the quantification and circulation of ecological value

POPC is a token built on the ERC20 standard on Ethereum. It will be a brand new, decentralized, open source and efficient trading unit for blockchain-based digital advertising platforms. In the ecosystem, the POPC tokens created by POPC are mainly used as rewards for platform advertisements. The POPC platform allows users to have greater control over the advertisements they view, and to give them a view to the advertisers. Like an ad, they can use POPC tokens to reward content providers, which can also be used to purchase any goods and services on the platform.

POPC CEO Job Garcia also said that POPC tokenization ultimately means that everyone becomes an investor, as long as all regulatory issues are resolved, meaning that everyone can buy the same assets. Similar package exchange converts different information (photo, video, audio, text) into data packets, and the POPC blockchain transforms different forms of scarce assets into tokens to achieve value quantification and value circulation within the ecosystem.

Successful investment must follow the beat of the times and take advantage of the trend. And POPC technology is a new round of revolution after the Internet, which will promote the progress of an era and become an important force to subvert the lifestyle and business form of consumers. Business scenarios such as finance, internet of things, insurance, medical care, tourism, and intellectual property protection will become the focus of the development of blockchain.

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