The Global Blockchain Exploration Institute will be the leading center for global R&D and transformation of technology in the blockchain industry

The Global Blockchain Exploration Institute was founded by a number of blockchain technology research experts around the world. One of the founders, W Dai, was the first to propose a peer-to-peer electronic cash mechanism, and his thesis was inspired by the idea of creating a bitcoin. In the industry is known as “Big Emperor.” Barry Si, Honorary Chairman of the Global Blockchain Exploration Institute, founded Bitcon Opportunity Corp in 2012 to invest in angels in blockchain startups, making a significant contribution to a number of startups. Now we are seeing the turbulent growth of the blockchain industry. We have established the Global Blockchain Exploration Institute. The blockchain aims to explore the top technologies and industry specific applications in the global blockchain field, and is committed to the industry of blockchain technology. The transformation of results and international cooperation to explore the commercial value of the discovery of blockchain technology.

The Research Institute is based in Asia and serves the whole world. Focusing on the exploration and research of the blockchain industry, the Global Blockchain Summit will focus on opening up communication channels with the global blockchain field, with the simultaneous development of technical support and technology services. Gathering innovative resources, fostering the development of blockchain industry applications, supporting global industrial transformation and upgrading, and supporting the development of the global digital economy.

Exploring the Institute’s responsibility for independent innovation, leading the development of blockchain technology, and serving the “digital global” construction will play an important role in the development of the global blockchain industry, and will become the leading center for the global R&D and transformation of blockchain industry technology. Strategic high ground.

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