The Best Robot Vacuum Cleaner, German Liectroux Leads The Excellent Robot Vacuum Cleaner Brands In Consumers’ Hearts

For new users who have not use a robot vacuum cleaner, it is very  difficult to choose the best and most suitable robot vacuum cleaner. Which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is good? I can not explain very clearly in a short time. Even if you refer to a lot of information and look at the robot vacuum cleaner leaderboard, it is still difficult to make a decision. Some people believe in the power of the brand and they will buy everything of the best brand no matter what. Some people believe in the online user ratings so they repeatedly view the effective comments in the comment area. Some people follow the crowd and they think other people will not buy bad-quality things so they will buy the best selling products. All the above mentalities are reasonable but they are all not comprehensive. The really good robot vacuum cleaners should not only possess advanced technology and strong brand support, but also more importantly they should have good user experience. At least those robot vacuum cleaners that have established a good image in the hearts of consumers will not be too bad. Let’s take a look at the top ten best reputation robot vacuum cleaners.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top1: German Liectroux B6009

German Liectroux B6009

Liectroux is not a popular brand, and its reputation at home and abroad is not high. It is not as familiar to people like Xiaomi, Dyson and Ecovacs but its market share of robot vacuum cleaner retail channel reaches 34.8%, which is a big fish in the robot vacuum cleaner market. Liectroux is a company that specializes in intelligent robot vacuum cleaners. (You can view the website: or And due to its concentration, it can best grasp the users’ heart and feelings. Its Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner is known for its intelligence. Planar memory technology can smoothly plan the sweeping route and allow people to truly experience the convenience and comfort brought by artificial intelligence. In addition with its excellent performance in cleaning ability, it experiences high reputation among the consumers. And it has become one of the most beloved products in the New Year appliance market in 2018.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 2: Xiaomi Second generation

Xiaomi second generation is the king of cost performance. There are other good products compared with Xiaomi, but in the price range of 2000rmb-3000rmb, the cost performance of Xiaomi second generation has almost no opponent! The products that have better performance than it are more expensive than it; the products that are cheaper than it are more stupid than it. Regardless of its intelligence or its cleaning ability, Xiaomi second generation robot vacuum cleaners are the best in its equally positioned products. Its only shortcoming may be its ability to climb and overcome obstacles such as blankets.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 3: Irobot 980

Irobot is an excellent representative of robotics and its wet and dry wiping technology is very effective for cleaning dust and sticking objects. Wet wiping and then dry wiping and then wet wiping again. Say goodbye to the ground cleaning work and easily achieve spotless floor. Irobot can handle its hair cleaning ability and the probability of failure very well but its high price makes many families feel powerless and can’t make the purchase.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 4: Dyson 360Eye

Dyson 360Eye

Dyson robot vacuum cleaner is the magical machine of Jingdong 6.18 and it remains the highest sales. Though its price is high but still a lot of people are scramble for it. A large part of the reason is due to Dyson’s brand effect. Dyson’s robot vacuum cleaner is very fashionable. People can feel bursting technology sense when they see it at first glance. Coupled with excellent cleaning performance, Dyson has a very important position in the minds of consumers. However, the robot has high requirements for environment. It can intelligently plan the route only when the light is turned on or the room is bright. A little bit dark can make it a fool. However, Dyson’s cleaning sound is not too small, which is almost hard to distinguish with household vacuum cleaners.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 5: Ecovacs

As a traditional strong and difficult brand in the home appliance industry, Ecovacs has undoubted strength. Its brand ability has attracted a lot of people. Whether talking about its domestic or international influence, Ecovacs is second to none. It applies technology such as supercharged flow control technology in the robot vacuum cleaner and its cleaning ability is objective. However, its level of intelligence needs to be improved. Users often have this kind of experience. The robot vacuum cleaner sweep the floor repeatedly in one place and they can’t clean in other places. At first customers want to return the product but they try to use it for several times and decide to keep it.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 6: Philips FC8832

Philips FC8832

Ultra-thin is the main feature of Philips robot vacuum cleaners. The thickness of 60mm body allows it to go anywhere. Four cleaning modes can be chosen. In addition with its user-friendly price, it is well loved by consumers. But the filter and side brush may often need to be changed. Its service life is not ideal.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 7: Haier HB-X300Gp

Haier’s cleaning mode has been upgraded to a higher level. There are various intelligent cleaning modes such as automatic cleaning and edge cleaning. It has frequency conversion suction and can conduct very efficient cleaning. The zigzag cleaning mode has a good effect of sucking dust and basically leave no dead space. But if there are many obstacles around, it will faint. Its mopping mode can only be used to clean daily ash. It is necessary to manually adjust the cleaning mode to achieve a relatively good mopping effect.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 8: TOMEFON TF-d60

TOMEFON possesses a good overall obstacle recognition ability. After multiple recognitions, it can better overcome obstacles. Although its cleaning ability is not as good as manual cleaning or vacuum cleaners but it can remove the dust and hair, which fully meets the user’s requirements. Its mopping function is just so so but it can meet people’s daily needs.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 9: Midea R1

Midea R1

The most important reason that Midea can enter this leaderboard is because of its price advantage. The prices of some Midea R1 series robot vacuum cleaners are even under 1000 rmb. For those who do not have high requirements for sweeping quality. This price is undoubtedly the best choice.

The Best Reputation Robot Vacuum Cleaner Top 10: Samsung R9000

Samsung R9000 is like a small printer, which is rare. Although it does not own a high proportion in the domestic market but its reputation is not bad.

The best reputation robot vacuum cleaners, represented by Liectroux, demonstrates the user experience of robot vacuum cleaners among the consumers. This leaderboard does not stand at the technical level to discuss which brand of robot vacuum cleaner is more advanced and does not stand on the market share level to find out which brand of the robot vacuum cleaner is better. Reputation is more about to provide some references of purchase for consumers from the aspect of user experience. The best selling product not necessarily has the best reputation and the most niche brand is not necessarily has the worst reputation. The popularity of Liectroux may not be as well as Ecovacs but Liectroux has better reputation than Ecovacs. Regarding the aspect of reputation, German brand Liectroux is worth recommending.

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