New Orleans Startup Revolutionizes The 20-Year-Old Wearable Blanket Market!

Finally – A Multi-Functional, Around The House, Full Body Blanket No One Ever Has To Remove!

New Orleans, LA – July 25th, 2018 – The all too familiar picture of being stuck indoors on rainy Saturday mornings and weekends with “movies and your couch” the only reasonable resolve are about to get better with the Cocoonsie™, a full body blanket that actually covers J! 

According to the New Orleans startup, traditional throw blankets left a lot to be desired, they were too small.  People’s feet and bottom always seemed to poke out when they had to change positions.  The traditional wearable blanket didn’t help matters either; the sleeves and the material were too long, which doesn’t allow users to walk around their houses or conduct household activities very easily.  The biggest problem they specified is that people have to sacrifice all of the warmth they have built up when they have to get off the couch with the regular blankets because they slide off!

Not anymore! A New Orleans resident, Levi Lascsak, has founded Cocoonsie, LLC and created the Cocoonsie™!  The Cocoonsie™ is the world’s most functional, around the house, wearable blanket on the market today!

Levi Lascsak was excited to tell about the new product when quizzed, “The Cocoonsie™ fits like oversized sweatpants or a pajama jumpsuit to allow people to easily move throughout the house and the ability to do household activities such as clean, cook, or even go to the restroom with ease.  When you are ready to cuddle back on the couch, simply pull the Cocoonsie™ up and around your shoulders for a comfy cocoon fit!  You will likely fall asleep very quickly as you will be as comfortable as a worm in a cocoon!  But that’s not all!  The Cocoonsie™ has hand slits so you can access your phone for texting, change the channel, play video games, or read a great book!”

Until now, the wearable blanket market has not been disrupted in twenty years.  It has been long overdue for a company to update this tradition of cuddling up on the couch with a blanket and now no one ever has to take it off during the day, even when they get off of the couch!

Go to today and order one or two or more Cocoonsie™!

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