POPC fully guides the transformation of the advertising industry and makes new wealth investment

With the blockchain technology infiltrating into all walks of life, it has also triggered a profound change in the advertising industry, which will effectively solve the development of the industry’s ecological norms.

With the blockchain technology infiltrating into all walks of life, it has also triggered a profound change in the advertising industry, which will effectively solve the development of the industry’s ecological norms.

Malicious advertising = stealth killer

According to the RiskIQ report released in 2017, “From 2015 to 2016, the advertising rate of malicious advertisements increased by 132%.” The websites most frequently attacked by malicious advertisements are news websites (32%) and entertainment websites (25%). A malicious ad is a fake ad that seduce users to access and steal fake financial domain URLs for their financial information.

It is reported that the average smartphone user evaluation consumes 1.8 GB of traffic per month. This means that average users will eventually have to pay $23 a month to download ads, trackers, scripts and other relevant data. Malicious advertising, load time, data charges, battery life and loss of privacy all add up to the use of ad blocking software.

Innovative application of blockchain technology in advertising

POPC is an intelligent, transparent and open and honest advertising ecosystem. It is an innovative application of blockchain technology in advertising. The underlying blockchain technology is packaged and provided for access to various advertising platforms and media platforms. At the same time, it provides services such as smart contract setting, smart contract triggering, automatic accounting, data uplink, and data query.

The POPC platform utilizes the blockchain technology to make the advertisement delivery process efficient and traceable, and to ensure the matching degree between the user and the advertisement. The user can automatically classify the advertisements according to the habit of the user to view the advertisements, and no longer bombard the advertisements. And another feature of the blockchain is “decentralized”, so that user data is backed up at each node in the blockchain, so that even if a single point fails, the user’s data will not be lost. At the same time, blockchain technology can ensure the storage of complex rights of multiple private keys, eliminating the phenomenon that user privacy is randomly arbitrarily retrieved and used on the Internet, ensuring user data security and privacy.

Easy to make money, POPC helps wealth continue to grow

By opening up online and offline, POPC realizes the interaction and drainage of advertisements, making the platform an operational field that is operational, interesting, entertaining and interactive, and aims to guide users to see advertising consumption. And the release of POPC tokens can achieve value quantification and value circulation. Tokens are awarded to users who check in, read ads, and share ads every day. Tokens can be used in multiple channels to fulfill user demand for savings, investment and wealth management, purchase of goods, and redemption of services.

POPC relies on the types of advertisements that are combined with reading and making money, effectively avoiding customers’ resentment and resistance, creating benefits for users and realizing user participation.

POPC has the highlights of making money while playing, precision marketing, easy to get started, sharing fission, saving money and worrying, equity incentives, etc.

Using the way of playing games, watching advertisements, and sharing, the blockchain technology is used to allow merchants to lock in users and enable users to continue to earn revenue.

POPC builds a global transparent and efficient advertising trading market, builds the top value of the advertising industry to centralize the public chain, the bottom blockchain facilities, deliver real advertising data, and create a smart blockchain digital advertising ecosystem. POPC will fully guide the transformation of the blockchain industry, stand on the cusp of the times, and take you to play a new wealth investment opportunity!

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