Winnamore Street, www.crowdfundingwst2wst.com, has been described as the place to raise money, earn money, invest money and donate money to worthy causes.

Now it’s also a place where its members can participate in private Real Estate Syndicates not open to the general public.

A new Real Estate Syndicate, sponsored by The RMB Council (TRC), one of Winnamore Street’s Premier Members, has decided to allow other Premier Members of Winnamore Street to enjoy priority participation in this private Syndicate.

The TRC Real Estate Syndicate is a Syndicate for generating high rental income and capital gains from its Investments in real estate developments.

The Syndicate’s target return on investment is 21.75% pa made up of profit distribitions and capital gains.

The TRC Real Estate Syndicate has been given the exclusive right to invest in the development of two high rise, mixed use commercial buildings in the central business district of an important South East Asian country and also to invest in the development of a 500-acre Eco City – to be called the Herbs & Trees Eco Community Estate.

The Herbs & Trees EC Estate will provide its residents, from around the world, a unique opportunity to live in ultra modern, intelligent apartments surrounded by acres upon acres of medicinal herbs and fruit trees.

About The RMB Council

The RMB Council is a Hong Kong Government-registered think tank involved in the research of and support for improvements in the efficiency of settling global financial transactions.

The RMB Council’s particular area of interest is how capital for business may be raised and used efficiently in an ever-changing world driven by technological innovations.

For more information please contact:

CK Pun, General Secretary
The RMB Council
Email address: gensec@thermbcouncil.net
Website : http://www.thermbcouncil.net

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