Sarf, the new cryptocurrency for the everyday user will launch its pre-ICO on August 15th

Sarf is the newest addition to the cryptocurrency world which is created for everyday use. Although there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies in the market at present serving different purposes, not a lot of them can be used for everyday transactions. The Sarf Exchange, on the other hand, is specially created to allow the users to exchange real-world currencies for SRF coins and stable tokens representing each of their major accepted currencies (USD, CAD, AED, and EUR), as well as for custom tokens they create. The pre-ICO of Sarf will begin on August 15th to offer the XRF tokens at a rate of 1 USD=100 XRF.

Sarf will offer all the benefits of the traditional cryptocurrencies and more. It will have low transaction fees and high security. The use of blockchain technology means that the user will have a secure environment for storage and transfer of funds. The transactions on the Sarf network will be done at lightning fast speeds unlike the conventional methods of payments that take hours to days at times. Sarf token known as the stable tokens that are designed to maintain their value relative to real currency and make a good store of value with little fluctuation.

Being decentralized in nature with a distributed computing system, Sarf will have no single point of attack or failure resulting in better redundancy and security. Furthermore, Sarf will also come with a Sarf credit card which will make using cryptocurrency for everyday transactions more feasible. Since many merchants may not accept cryptocurrencies yet, the user can use the Sarf Credit card to pay their bills, shop online and other purchases while the merchant sees a normal credit card transaction.

Sarf is also backed by the SWallet which will be linked to the Sarf Credit Card. It can be used at all the merchants that accept credit cards.  Being linked with the Swallet would mean the user can make transactions or make payments using the stable tokens available in their wallet. This virtual wallet app will store tokens built on Sarf network and is scheduled for initial release in December 2018, supporting the XRF tokens and later SRF coins, stable tokens, and other tokens based on the Sarf network. The wallet will come with a secret key to keep it private and a public key to share with other users.

XRF tokens will be used till the official launch of SRF coins. A total of 2 Billion XRF will be produced. More information about Sarf and the upcoming pre-ICO can be found at

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