Eminent Writer Lincoln A. Jailal To Release His New Book

Tobyhanna, PA – July 25, 2018 – Dr Lincoln A. Jailal, a distinguished writer launches his new book titled THE FINAL SOLUTION TO ALL HUMAN PROBLEMS. This book highlights the ultimate solution to solve all the critical issues faced by humanity.  It helps the readers to understand the major problems, and discloses effective ways and strategies to tackle them. The readers will also delve into the domain of ancient history, psychology, sociology, religion and global affairs.

From this book, readers can get familiar with the feasible solutions to resolve a particular issue. The book provides answers to several questions such as: Why is mankind struggling despite the advent of the latest technology and innovation? What is the reason for the intense dislike for the nation of Israel? Does God exist? How to tackle issues faced by humankind? How to deal with personal problems? Are there any feasible solutions to resolve them?

The book clearly describes the guaranteed solutions to be discharged in times of adversity. It also reveals why religion is persistently involved in various sorts of conflict. Additionally, the book provides in-depth analyses and answers to the core reason underlying the persecution of Jews and Christians. THE FINAL SOLUTION TO ALL HUMAN PROBLEMS places special emphasis on the critical crisis in the Middle East, particularly in Jerusalem.

It was introduced exclusively for both believers in Christ and non-believers. This book contains a feasible solution to the historical, political and military crises occurring in the Middle East which have the potential to engulf the world in World War 3. The book highlights the atrocities faced by humankind from the dawn of civilization, and reveals the guaranteed solution. And most importantly, this book reveals the glorious future for all people of all nations.

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About the author

Dr Lincoln A. Jailal was born in Trinidad. He spent his childhood and adolescent years in Trinidad before migrating to the United States of America. Pastor Jay (as he is commonly called)  was very scholastic in his formal education and also traversed across many nations of  the world including India, Pakistan, Vietnam, Cameroon and  Israel. He commenced his career in the fields of teaching and pastoring in the year 1982. He is also the founder and pastor of Ambassadors For Christ Ministries. It is a non-denominational  organization, which is fully committed to assisting and educating pastors and leaders globally. During his tenure as a pastor, clinical counselor and an educator,  and recently as a holistic health coach, he has organized numerous  seminars and conferences in various countries including  the Caribbean, United States of America  and India.

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