Quieting Comforts Launches New Innovative Crib Wedge That Stays In Place All Night Long

The Innovative Vet has launched a brand new product in their parenting solutions product line, Quieting Comforts. Their Quieting Comforts Crib Wedge support pillow offers something beautiful to parents – a better night’s sleep for their child! With the perfect incline of 13 degrees, this pillow is revolutionary and the first of its kind.

What sets this sleep positioner apart? It comes with a slip resistant stability cape that allows the pillow to actually stay in place. This simple innovation solves the number 1 complaint of parents for crib wedge pillows; they don’t stay put. By tucking the stability cape under the mattress, parents can leave their worries behind as their child gets restorative sleep in a safe environment.

Not only does this crib wedge pillow provide gentle support to infants, it is actually firm enough to support children as they get older. Because they use high-density memory foam, the Quieting Comforts Crib Wedge maintains its therapeutic incline well past the point that other wedges compress flat! Covered with soft and easy-to-clean PU leather, this optimized sleep positioner provides a quiet and non-disruptive surface enabling children to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. It also fits all standard cribs and toddler beds as well as the sanity-saving Pack ‘N Plays.

Designed with a focus on quality, convenience and effectiveness, the Quieting Comforts Crib Wedge underwent extensive product research and testing by parents and for parents! The result of this is a high quality wedge made with premium materials that finally gets the job done!

We researched, purchased and tested a number of different crib wedges and they all fell short of our expectations. So we decided to create a better one that was supportive, easy to use, and actually stayed in place so that it could do its job,” says a representative from Quieting Comforts.

The Innovative Vet Company launched one out of the ballpark with this new, innovative product. Easy to clean with just a wet wipe or damp cloth, their crib wedge offers relief from acid reflux, GERD, congestion from colds, and much more. This pillow comes with a lifetime guarantee and ships in a reusable carrying bag for convenience and to minimize waste.  This product is exclusively sold on Amazon.

The Innovative Vet is a family owned and operated company started by Marine Corps veteran Nate and his wife Kaylyn. The Quieting Comforts Crib Wedge is a direct result of their own struggles with crib wedges for their two children. Aiming to make parenting easier for others, the Quieting Comforts brand plans to further expand its product line with new and innovative parenting solutions.

For more information, please visit: www.quietingcomforts.com

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