Tobias Shoemaker’s The First Fallen, Book Of Sorrows Series Book 1, Now Available On Amazon

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – July 25th, 2018 – What happens when detective Michael Stratton finds himself – and his family – entangled in the quest for an ancient scroll with the ability to unleash Armageddon? Who are the conspirators that put everything Michael Stratton loves on the line, murdering his sister and abducting his wife and daughter?

This is the premise of The First Fallen, Mr. Tobias Shoemaker’s literary debut, and the first book of his series, Book Of Sorrows. The First Fallen, which was recently launched on, is a gripping page-turner filled with unexpected twist and turns which takes readers on a thrilling journey around the globe. From “the dangerous halls” of Washington DC, and all the way to Saint Peters Basilica in Rome, Michael Stratton is bent on uncovering the international conspiracy based on an ancient conflict involving murder, human sacrifice, and a secret organization that is prepared to wreak havoc so as to achieve world domination.

Commenting on Michael Stratton, the The First Fallen and The Book of Sorrows series protagonist, author Mr. Shoemaker said that “Michael’s character qualities, integrity and, dare I say ruthlessness in the pursuit of truth and justice make him the ideal center of focus in this literary adventure that I believe all readers will relate to.”

Teasing on what is yet to come in The Book of Sorrows series, Mr. Shoemaker said that “It will involve Michael Stratton uncovering universal truths with regards to good and evil; religion; the human nature as a whole – and its capacity to bring destruction. The series is going to be a real rollercoaster of emotions, and is sure to shake readers to their core.”

Wrote Amazon Fan, one of the first few readers of The First Fallen, “Love the imagery and descriptive phrases. The action and mystery start almost immediately. Looking forward to the next book!”

The First Fallen (Book of Sorrows 1) is available for purchase in Kindle and paperback editions on

Mr. Shoemaker will announce the release of the following Book of Sorrows series volumes in future communications with the press.

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