Explore possibilities with the WP Organ Pedal Holster

The WP Organ Pedal Holster is an accessory for organists that allows you to mount the sustain pedal from an electronic keyboard over the bass pedals on a Hammond-style organ. For the first time, organ players can have access to the full range of sounds from their digital piano!

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/0560giOSkgI

For years in the music industry musicians have had a major problem – especially Organists. The problem occurs when an organist lays their keyboard on top of their organ. With this, organists are limited to playing only auxiliary sounds such as synth, horns, strings, and pad sounds. The reason this occurs is because on an organ you have organ bass pedals all the way across the bottom of your feet to play bass notes along with the top two keyboard panels of the organ.

Basically, there’s no way to play basic piano and digital piano sounds on the keyboard with a sustain pedal. Guess what? Problem solved! With the WP Organ Pedal Holster (WPOPH) never before has it been this easy to stay on the organ without having to to get up and change positions when switching to piano and digital sounds. WPOPH allows you to place your sustain pedal right above right above the organ bass pedals in a fix position allowing you to play the keyboard with a sustain pedal.

William Perry’s Bio

The inventor of the WP Organ Pedal Holster, William Perry Jr., is a musician who saw a need. In his role as organist leading the music for worship services at several churches, he wanted the flexibility to have access to the full range of his digital keyboard, sitting in its traditional spot atop a Hammond organ. That meant finding a way to mount the keyboard’s sustain pedal alongside the organ’s bass pedals. Perry put on his inventor hat and the result… the WP Organ Pedal Holster! A revolutionary accessory that will change the game for organ players everywhere — whether you play Gospel, R&B, Jazz, Pop, Rock or Blues.

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