CoinShakeDown, the cryptocurrency rating site allows the investors to view grades of all cryptocurrencies at one place

CoinShakeDown is an innovative cryptocurrency rating site that makes it easier for all the cryptocurrency investors to browse through a large list of different cryptocurrencies and see their grades based on different characteristics. The platform is developed to guide both newcomers and seasoned players in the crypto industry. At present, there are over 800 cryptocurrencies in the market and researching about each one of them is not feasible for everyone. This is where CoinShakeDown comes in the light which takes care of the mid to top-level research for allowing the user to make more targeted cryptocurrency investment strategies in an efficient manner.

The data analysis done by the company is dynamic in nature which is obtained using a powerful algorithm that refreshes the scores daily or weekly depending upon the category. The rating of a cryptocurrency is determined by multiple parameters which are set by a team of expert and experienced professionals in the field of cryptocurrency. The goal of CoinShakeDown is to determine the quality currencies however, the suggestions or rating provided by the company are not official investment advice but they can help the investors in analyzing the various coins which can further help them in making informed decisions for investment. 

While there are a number of websites that feature grades on cryptocurrencies based on their prices, CoinShakeDown focuses on giving solid recommendations to the users based on the data that updates frequently on other parameters. These parameters are broken into category cards which contain components like Scarcity, Longevity, Development, marketing and more coming soon! CoinShakeDown uses powerful logarithmic algorithms to do research on each cryptocurrency and uses gathered data to perform an analysis and grant a human-readable grade/rating. These ratings even though they look simple are powerful measuring tools for users who want to make better investment decisions.

CoinShakeDown eliminates the need for browsing through countless forums, websites and YouTube videos by providing a platform that narrows down the information in an easily accessible form. More information about the CoinShakeDown can be seen at

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