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Physiotherapy today is far different from that performed a few years ago. There are new innovations and surgical procedures that require advanced physiotherapy. Muscles and joints are reliant on blood flow and blood flow in the body is connected with the nervous system. To have good muscle power, smooth uninterrupted neural pathways must be present otherwise muscle atrophy sets in. This is generally the norm. However, muscles need to be worked in order for them to operate correctly as, if not exercised regularly at a gym for example or maybe post-op, physical therapy is needed or the muscle tissue wastes away. Joints are then hard to move etc. and stiffen up in cases. To rectify this good nutrition and exercise is needed to bring the muscles back to their correct operating parameters. In some cases, physical exercise needs to be supplemented with some physiotherapy to restore and keep muscles in trim.

In today’s world, an MRI scan of the lumber region annually is important. Everything in the body is operated by nerves flowing down the spinal column, and a scan will show if any problems are present. This also will indicate good conformity and show any obstructions to the nerve flow in the neural pathway. If indications of this are present and seen in the MRI scan, further action needs to be taken, possibly by nerve conduction tests or by surgery. When surgical procedures are performed, there follows some form of post-operative treatment by experienced physiotherapists

Depending on the age of a person, different levels of physiotherapy are called for. The physiotherapist will, for example, listen carefully to various sports that may be pursued and again, depending on age, school children will play different sports at different levels. Take the case where a child is 12 years and 3 months old, he will play under 13 sports at school at which level he can cope. Injuries at this age are different to injuries that can be sustained at a later stage when the child is older. The older, the higher the level and so on. It is therefore important to the physiotherapist to know the level of damage that might occur at different ages. They will then treat the child or adult in a different way as it is important for a physiotherapist to have an evidence-based approach to everything, in order that the correct treatment be given.

Sports injuries today can be serious as games get tougher, more rigorous and the danger to the human body more extreme. A physiotherapist must therefore, know how to treat all kinds of sports injuries from dislocated shoulders to broken limbs, sore necks and so on. They will employ a lot of horrific looking physical fitness apparatus in order to treat some injuries. Acupuncture is also employed to treat nerve issues and for those not familiar with the term, the physiotherapist will introduce needles to the body at various intervals which he knows will assist the nerve to flow better, thus eliminating some muscle nerve problems. Acupuncture is traditionally a Chinese method of healing and which is extremely effective. Many methods of treatment are available to treat the human body, whether it be for sports injuries or vehicular accidents, and if everything is not as it should be, contact a physiotherapist who will definitely be able to assist you. 

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