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“Thai Iced Tea, as known as Cha Yen, a famous original and refreshing drink of Thailand.”
THAI ICED TEA (Cha Yen) is know as the signature drink of Thailand. With the combination of authentic brewed Thai tea leaves and our original infusion procedure, this tea provide you with a unique taste and aroma, reminiscent of what you would experience in Thailand.

Drinking Thai Iced tea has been a custom of Thailand, being served in local street vendors along Bangkok’s floating markets. Thai Iced Tea, also known as “Cha Yen” in Thai, consists of naturally grown Ceylon leaves from highlands found in the northern region of Thailand that are fused with spices and herbs such as cloves, star anise and cardamom. The leaves are roasted and incubated until their aroma arouse to their full potential. The ombre, bright orange color of the tea distinguishes it from other beverages. The hue pairs with the smooth light topping of the sweetened condensed milk which fills the glass with the right amount of creaminess. If desired, one may add half and half, coconut milk, evaporated milk, soy milk, almond milk or regular milk. Thai Iced Tea currently holds 27th place in the CNN’s World’s 50 most delicious drinks. ( Thai Iced Tea by Jerri-Ann fully replicates the authentic experience in which one can enjoy at an arm’s length. As the grab and ready to go bottle allows easy access and made for convenience. Imagine being in the blazing sun and craving something refreshing to indulge in, there you can grab the instant tea right away.

Health benefits include helping one’s body protect from poison and inflammation. Thai tea’s anti-carcinogenic properties contains polyphenol and antioxidants which prevent and fight cancer cells from spreading. Caffeine found in Thai tea can combat stress and calm a person down. According to a study made by the School of Medicine in Boston University, the functioning of blood vessels had improved by fifty percent by black tea, a component of Thai tea, when compared to heart patients that only drank water. Our Thai Iced Tea contains vitamin A and vitamin B2, calcium and iron.

The combination of traditional brewing procedures and carefully handpicked ingredients allow consumers to experience the unique taste and aroma, reminiscent of what one would experience in Thailand. This glass bottle offers a cultural aspect with a twist of a bottle that can be enjoyed right at home or anywhere on the go. Just pop it out of the fridge and give it a shake there you have an instant refresher. The JP Thai Trading Company is dedicated to providing the restaurant style Thai iced tea anywhere at any time.

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