IONIA opens the era of cryptocurrency investment

FINDEXCHAIN (CEO: David Kang), a blockchain enterprise, has released a blueprint to operate the ‘IONIA’ platform on July 24th.

On July 24th, FINDEXCHAIN published a white paper with a business plan for ‘IONIA’ on its website ( ‘IONIA’ is a crypto – investment platform launched by FINDEXCHAIN in May. It provides various services like digital wallet, investment informations, P2P trading system.

Provide digital wallet to minimize damage from hacking

‘IONIA’ provides digital wallet that can keep cryptocurrencies safely and has great security. No private keys are kept on any server to minimize the risk of hacking. Most of the existing changes and digital wallets held the private keys needed to withdraw the investor’s cryptocurrencies in the server. Therefore, a hacker could withdraw the assets of retail investors when the server is hacked. This digital wallet currently supports more than 200 kinds of cryptocurrencies.

Provide recent investment information and customized automatic trading service

FINDEXCHAIN will provide various information to users for successful investment. For example, the situation that a specific coin is expected to be listed on another exchange. When companies that launched ICOs attempts to move raised fund from a wallet to exchange. Bulk of certain cryptocurrency is expected to be transferred and sold from retail investors’ wallet to the exchange, the evidence in which a large number of cryptocurrencies are expected to be transferred from exchange’s wallet and so on. It gives a push notification on the smartphone when it perceives above situations.

‘IONIA’ detects those situations through various algorithms and informs about it to the investors. Therefore, users are more likely to catch and cope with the possibility of price increase of a specific cryptocurrency and risk of price decline.

‘IONIA’ provides not only potential investment information but also an automatic trading system. For instance, a user can set up a coin to be automatically purchase of they take a notice when a certain coin is listed on the exchange and price rise is expected. In addition, it is possible to set the coin to be sold automatically in advance to avoid loss when a notification is received that a specific coin held in a personal wallet has been transferred to the exchange in a large amount.

Encourage investment in cryptocurrency by offering decentralized P2P trading service and interest

‘IONIA’ plans to provide P2P (Peer to Peer) services to trade cryptocurrencies that users want. Users can keep cryptocurrencies investing in ‘IONIA’ and buy or sell cryptocurrencies that can give more attractive returns.

FINDEXCHAIN plans to distribute ‘NIA’ token regularly to users who trade or keep cryptocurrencies in ‘IONIA’. It is a reward for their contribution to activate ‘IONIA’ financial ecosystem. And ‘NIA’ token is used for transaction fee to trade cryptocurrencies on ‘IONIA’.

Users can maximize profits through trading and keeping cryptocurrencies and taking ‘NIA’ tokens as interest.

In the later of this year, FINDEXCHAIN plans to accelerate its business by issuing ‘NIA’ through ICO (Initial Coin Offering). By participating in ICO, people can invest in the potential of blockchain financial innovation in advance.

To use ‘IONIA’, search ‘IONIA’ on the Google App Store and download the application on the smartphone.

CEO of FINDEXCHAIN said, “We will construct an innovative crypto ecosystem through ‘IONIA’ which provides the safe cryptocurrency storage, recent information on investment and automatic trading service.

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