Atmotube using technology to solve the global pollution problem

Unique air pollution monitor, Atmotube, helping to ensure a cleaner and safer environment using technological advancements

Atmotube is an innovative pollution solution designed to monitor the quality of air in the surrounding, in a bid to reduce pollution and keep the Mother Earth. Described as the “tiny pollution sensor,” Atmotube is designed to constantly measure air pollution, detect the presence of a wide range of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful gases, such as Carbon Monoxide (CO). The makers of Atmotube have taken a step further to make the device available to everyone across the globe with a special 10% discount using the BREATH10 promo code.

According to a report, around 60 percent of Americans live in areas where air pollution has reached unhealthy levels that can lead to health issues. Therefore, it has become imperative for individuals, corporate bodies and the government to put measures in place to reduce air pollution and make the environment safe for all.

Atmotube uniquely combines style with functionality, using the most innovative sensors to provide real-time measurements of the conditions of the air both indoor and outside. These features were combined with high-tech components to create the product, with the first working prototypes resulting from long research and testing, resulting in compact and beautiful tube-shaped metal shell with titanium coating for extra durability.

The features include an airflow mesh to take in the air to be measured, a multicolor LED to show the different statuses of Atmotube, and a Karabin-type clip, allowing users to hang the device anywhere, allowing users to mark the most polluted places on a public mark.

An average person unconsciously takes over 20,000 breaths, making it important to know and think about the content of the air inhaled. Unfortunately, the exposure to CO2 and VOCs has been linked to an increased risk of different serious diseases, and even cancer, with the risk of adverse effects depending on one’s current health status, the pollutant type and concentration, and the length of exposure to the polluted air.

The device is [Office 2] aims to bring a lot of value to those who care about their health and that of their relatives, particularly helpful to asthmatics and lung disease sufferers as well as parents of young children and the elderly.

Atmotube also has a mobile application, which is available on the Google PlayStore and iTunes, allowing users to access real-time measurements of the air parameters on their mobile phones. The app also users to see their personal air score, while also keeping track of their data.

The device is already receiving accolades from different quarters, with its IndieGogo campaign raising a total of $283,797 USD, 338% of the targeted goal. “Atmotube is an upcoming portable device that tries to make users aware of just how safe or not the air we breathe really is,” says Slash Gear.

More information about Atmotube and how to enjoy the 10% special discount with the BREATH10 promo code can be found on the website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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