USELINK – A new technological revolution in the field of chain block chain

In the past two years, the word “block chain” has shown its unique charm in the Internet industry, and has sprung up like bamboo shoots after the rain. The block chain trading platform is trying to seize the opportunity in every industry.

In the tide of block chain subversion of traditional industry, the USELINK will be the bottom of the block chain trading platform, which is a safe, robust, solid, efficient and diversified underlying basic chain.


It breaks through the obstacles of science and technology. What kind of technological revolution will USELINK bring?

In the process of Internet development,  we find that only the underlying operating system has developed can we have the subsequent application. Therefore, for the whole block chain the development can be summarized as: bottom chain > solution > project application.

The underlying basic chain is equivalent to the block chain operating system, and the solution and application in all walks of life needs to be based on the underlying basic technology chain, considering the performance of the underlying basic technology chain or the service provided for business applications.

That is to say, only when the operation of the underlying chain becomes steady, efficient and solid, can the commercial application of the block chain be effectively developed and implemented. As the bottom of the block chain trading platform, USELINK has completed a new technological revolution, which brings more opportunities for global economic development and the future of business.


The USELINK has a set of cross – chain trading processes. Using a pioneering multiple account structure, a strong function such as consensus trading, asset storage, contract verification, and other powerful functions, and the uniqueness of its account, any transfer operation on the UL chain can be carried out by the username.

The UL has huge ecological functions and will be a very successful public block chain platform. Based on the design principles of UL, it is committed to building a public chain system with a new concept based on value scale.

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