Maxcap Analyst System is now entering Russia, creating Global Blockchain Education Community

In recent years, digital asset cryptocurrency has become one of the most popular assets among investors and finance managers. As of July of this year, the value of Bitcoin and Ethereum has attracted serious attention.

By referring to historical data analysis, in early September of 2017, Bitcoin has reached the highest price of $5,000 at the time. During that period of time, Bitcoin encountered strong resistance at this price level and showed a downward adjustment to re-test the previous high price (about $3,100). Then, starting from this price level, people were surprised to see that Bitcoin continued to soar in the next three months, eventually reaching a historical peak of nearly $20,000 and a price increase of more than 520%. We found an interesting phenomenon, from the downtrend line in early May and below the 200-day moving average, a laddered pattern has formed. In the highest ladder, the decline is close to 19%. It is then followed by a slight increment in the next few days, and then another decline in the ladder, hit a 21% drop. The third ladder continues to follow the first two modes, with a drop of nearly 19%, and then rises slightly, approaching the downtrend line. The downtrend line and the top level support of $5,000 are pushing the wedge into lower prices. For most investors, last year’s high of $5,000 was a huge psychological bottom price.


Maxcap Analyst System, an international corporate with financial services as core business, also conducts research and analysis on the digital asset cryptocurrency market. Depending on the particular strategy, this can be an advantage or a disadvantage at the same time. If you really get to the price of $5,000, it is expected to generate huge buying interest, because many people will use it as a great opportunity to enter the market or enhance their positions. With that, through the large amount of funds coming in, a small bull market might begin thought that.


Regardless of the outcome, we could still find some faith support. Bitcoin is impossible go down to zero, there is definitely a bottom price for that, and we are probably quite close to the bottom now. For those who have been investing in the industry for many years, this situation is nothing new. Stay focused and enter position as close to the bottom as possible.

Maxcap Analyst System builds on  blockchain as the foundation, to create an ecosystem of trading platforms, media platforms, incubators and other business. Its digital asset cryptocurrency trading platform, Maxcap Analyst System has been evaluated by the user that it is one of the most reliable professional trading platforms in the world. With years of experience, quality service, and user accumulation, Maxcap Analyst System will holistically move toward digital asset cryptocurrency. William Jones, on behalf of the founding family of Maxcap Analyst System (Jones family) has said that the digital asset cryptocurrency will continue to develop sustainably in the long run in an Australian media interview earlier. In view of the high security of digital asset cryptocurrencies, digital cryptocurrencies may be widely applicable in the future. The existence of digital asset cryptocurrency is valuable as long as someone recognizes and uses the technology. For that reason, digital asset cryptocurrency will continue to rise in the future, and the sooner we approach the digital asset cryptocurrency, the sooner we get wealthy.


In the era of digital asset crpytocurrency, align with the development of the Maxcap Analyst System Group, the trend of digital asset cryptocurrency mining has started in various countries. In the second quarter of this year, Maxcap Analyst System has set up several mining plant in Russia and gain the appreciation of several relevant departments. The local authorities are very pleased and contented for Maxcap Analyst System being actively involved in the digital asset cryptocurrency activities in Russia, and hope that the Maxcap Analyst System will be able to build the “Russia’s largest cryptocurrency mining plant” in the future.


As the world leading digital asset cryptocurrency financial platform, it is also coupled with the unstoppable trend of digital asset cryptocurrency. Maxcap Analyst System aims to educate the public on digital cryptocurrency, hence the set up of Maxcap Crypto Currency Academy is to give the public a better understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrency through courses and activities that will aids in the virtual currency industry as well as people who are interested to learn the practical skills related to virtual currency exchanges, the content being conveyed is not only the knowledge of blockchain theory, but also the practical skills of the blockchain technology.


Maxcap Crypto Currency Academy wish to give assistance to the private sectors, individual investors, financial services institutions and government decision-making departments around the world gain more understanding in digital currency through the establishment of courses and trainings.

Through the intrusion of Maxcap Analyst System into Russia, it is believed the blockchain digital currency courses will help more digital currency enthusiasts and the digital currency industry to flourish this time. If you are a newcomer who plans to get indulged in cryptocurrency investment, you shall pay more attention to market trends from now on, this may be an excellent opportunity for the bottom position entry.


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