Creative BioMart Provides a Comprehensive List of Protein Expression Services for Science Community

Creative BioMart, a biotechnology company focused on developing quality protein products and custom protein-related services, is pleased to offer a comprehensive list of protein expression services for science community. The company provides extensive expertise across a range of expression systems for producing recombinant proteins, monoclonal antibodies, and vaccine antigens or diseases biomarkers.

To meet the specific needs of different customers, Creative BioMart provides about 19 expression systems including: Nicotiana tabacum Specific expression Platform, Rice Endosperm Specific expression Platform, Bacterial expression Systems (E. coli / Bacillus), Baculovirus-Insect Cell expression Systems (SF9, SF21, S2, / HI-5), Cell-Free in Vitro Protein expression, Mammalian expression Systems (CHO / HEK293), Yeast expression Systems (P pastoris / S cerevisiae), High-throughput Protein Production, Serum-Free expression System, Large-Scale Protein Production Service, Fc Fusion Protein Production, High Yield Protein Production, Endotoxin-Free Protein Production, Human Synthetic Proteins Produced in Mammalian Cell Lines, Fucose-Free Protein expression System, Pichia Glyco Protein Production, SUMO-Tag Protein Production, Mass Standard Protein Production, and Albumin Fusion Protein Production Services.

“With abundant experience in recombinant protein expression, we are committed to providing cutting-edge tools for protein expression and purification. We do understand the importance of choosing the right system for high level expression and sample purification, so our portfolio of expression technologies offers a variety of solutions for our customers.” Commented Linna, the chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart.

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About Creative BioMart
Starting from a small supplier of proteins and enzymes for academic institutes and biotech companies, Creative BioMart has always been focusing on developing high quality protein products including recombinant protein, GMP proteins, native proteins, assay kit, etc. and efficient protein service. Over the past decade, our products and services are proved to have served our customers well and our brand has become one of the most trustworthy in the market.

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