Creative Enzymes Offers Package Solutions for Enzyme Expression and Purification

Creative Enzymes, an excellent supplier and manufacturer of enzyme products and services, provides package solutions for enzyme expression and purification. As one of the few companies that provide solutions to challenges encountered in enzyme expression, Creative Enzymes offers a series of services including gene cloning, expression and fermentation optimization and production of enzymes.

Supported by abundant experience and state-of-the-art facilities, Creative Enzymes is able to provide one-stop service for enzyme production. Services can also be tailored according to the customer’s specific needs.

For enzyme expression and production, Creative Enzymes offers:
Gene identification, synthesis and cloning
Codon optimization
Selection and modification of expression system
Selection and construction of expression vector
Tag selection
Protein refolding
Post-translational modifications
Identification and optimization of enzyme expression conditions
Scale-up enzyme expression
Fermentation development and consulting

For enzyme purification, Creative Enzymes offers:
Enzyme purification
Endotoxin removal
Enzyme characterization and quality certification

“We have been serving the enzyme industry for years to satisfy the needs of enzyme expression and purification from various customers. Our outstanding scientists and strategic partners will professionally handle every detail of each step.” Commented the chief marketing staff in Creative Enzymes.

For special enzymes that have not been expressed in a certain system, Creative Enzymes also offers expression system screening service.

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