SMW BlockChain Fund – Get Involved In “Digital Economy” Revolution, Let Investors Share The Bonus Of “Digital Economy”

Digital assets started gaining wider acceptance in 2017 and have already exploded in 2018. Digital assets are leading us into a digital world. With the rapid development of digital assets, we will also have a new opportunity to achieve wealth, but how should we invest and get wealth increasingly quickly?

Here is the SMW fund to solve this investment confusion for investors.

SMW BlockChain Fund - Get Involved In “Digital Economy” Revolution, Let Investors Share The Bonus Of “Digital Economy”  

The SMW Fund has professional investment teams, including hedge investment, Quantitative Investment, Equity investment, and Blockchain Project investment. SMW fund will invest in the digital assets primary market, secondary market, equity investment in blockchain projects and digital asset mining pool investments.

In view of the current high development of the digital assets market, investors are eager to obtain wealth growth through digital assets allocation. However, blockchain projects are mixed with good and bad projects, while high-quality projects are still the minority, ordinary investors generally can’t accurately analysis and evaluate the project, especially when they are lack of effective allocation logic and strategy in the digital asset investment market, so the final investment return is usually not as good as expected.

The SMW Fund will realize intelligent trust in the fund’s related investment and investor rights aspects through blockchain and smart contract technology, and hand over all trust to the computer, which will break the shortcomings of traditional investment models such as opaqueness, information asymmetry, inefficiency, high intermediary costs, and high credit risk. SMW will build different investment portfolios to gain more returns for investors while reducing the investment risk in the digital currency market. This will allow everyone to enjoy the rapid development of the digital economy.

The SMW Fund has professional blockchain investment teams, including the digital assets AI Quantitative Investment Team, Blockchain Project Token Value Assessment Team, Blockchain Project Equity Investment Team. The SMW Fund will choose high-quality blockchain projects globally, including infrastructure, financial services, and industry applications in the blockchain ecosystem.

SMW BlockChain Fund - Get Involved In “Digital Economy” Revolution, Let Investors Share The Bonus Of “Digital Economy”  

Comparing with other digital asset funds on the market, SMW funds has the following advantages:

Digital asset allocation strategy: Unlike other funds that mainly invest in the secondary market of digital assets, SMW’s fund allocation strategy is more abundant, which covers almost all fields where digital assets can be invested. The capital will be rationally allocated based on the fund managers’ rich investment experience.

Big data and Blockchain technology:

Making full use of big data for quick data analysis, statistics, processing, modeling and other efficient operations; and at the same time, the position and transaction data that investors concern about during the fund operation will be presented openly, transparently, and credibly to investors through distributed ledgers and smart contract technology.

Global investment horizon: SMW fund will invest in all kinds of high-quality blockchain projects around the world. While investing in domestic high-quality blockchain projects, the SMW fund has also recruited fund managers and the operations team has global experience and backgrounds.  This builds the foundation for the ability to invest in superior investment global projects.

The SMW Fund will build a decentralized, professional, credible, intelligent, efficient, open and transparent, extremely mobile and inclusively participated investment platform for digital asset investors. The SMW fund is founded with the aim to build an investor community, adhering to the “open, transparent, trustworthy” investment philosophy, to participate in the “digital economy” revolution, and share the development benefits of the digital economy with investors. SMW Fund has participated in several projects in the primary market, and some of them have already achieved high investment returns, which reflects the rich investment experience and superb investment skills of the SMW team.

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