Cesare Catania, the new Leonardo da Vinci? A short presentation of one the more promising Italian artist

Cesare Catania is not only an artist in life, he is also a multi-facetted man with a lot of skills; a complex personality mastering many disciplines that finally enrich and serve his art.

This brilliant master of all trades with encyclopaedic knowledge wears by turns the hat of an  artist, of course as a painter and sculptor but he also wears the hat of a scientist, an author, an engineer, an entrepreneur, a mathematician, a pianist, a gallery owner, a philosopher, a philanthropist committed to humanitarian work. Cesare Catania is also an indefatigable traveller, a language lover, a true polyglot, and also a lover of cats. This versatile artist nicknamed the new Leonardo da Vinci is not done being the topic of conversations. His works, both dramatic and colourful, are exhibited all over the world; from the Louvre in Paris to the exhibitions of the Italian Ministry of Culture passing by New York.

In life, he is also an accomplished businessman with an MBA, CEO of a civil engineering company involved in major projects such as the “Armani Stadium”, the Milan metro stations and the Siemens’ headquarters.

Yet this man who is believed to have come out of the Renaissance lives indeed in this day and age.

Cesare Catania also has a certain vision of art; for him, everyone has the right to enjoy art. Thus among his four pieces inspired by the mouth of Etna, the famous Sicilian volcano, the artist had the brilliant idea to design a white one and a yellow one, specially designed for colour-blind people.

For him, we live in an interconnected world of excessive communication where the Internet is infiltrated everywhere. However, as he says in magazines ”We speak but do not listen. Listening is key for an artist, because art is something you feel only when you listen to yourself”. This is how he delivers through his works; a dreamlike journey through himself.

Stylistically, his art is a clever mix of cubism, geometry, where curves and colours reign supreme. Cesare Catania also likes to play with textures by mixing both the tradition, especially through his use of wood, stone, and metal, but he likes to focus on innovation by using less conventional materials such as silicone, leather, or sand.

Cesare Catania also likes to share his work especially his creative process and he does not hesitate to share his recipes or at least his methods of work, including filming himself painting and sharing videos on social networks.

More formally, Cesare is the author of a book; Genesis, consisting of 450 pages. This book deals with works that have marked his career, his inspiration, his life and his techniques.

All his talents have not gone unnoticed in recent years and gallery owners, as well as international museums, have noticed. Collectors come from all over the world to attend his exhibitions or his paintings, and his sculptures sell for between fifty thousand and half a million euros.
Regarding his news, Cesare Catania works on two monumental sculptures of 50m and 40m high. For more information do not hesitate to read the press release as an attachment.

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