Data without Boundaries: Pacio Harmonizes Global Data

Pacio is building a standardized, semantic platform enabling data to be interoperable, managed and accounted for without boundaries, thus unleashing the power of information

Data without Boundaries: Pacio Harmonises Global Data

Pacio develops an application platform that connects the semantic web and blockchain to create a new standard for business data.

“Data is the key to everything in today’s connected world, including power and wealth,” says David Hartley, co-founder of Pacio and digital accounting pioneer.

All entities and people, from Australia to Zimbabwe, will need standardized ways to store, access, compare, manage, analyze, exchange, transact, and audit their data.

“Yet the reality is far from that, with most data held in isolated incompatible silos, often controlled by others for their benefit rather than for the benefit of the creator,” explains Hartley. “The result is a huge loss of opportunity versus what could be, expensive inefficiencies, loss of control, loss of privacy, and security holes providing a bonanza for criminals.”

Pacio will change the reality by delivering the Data without Boundaries future to reduce data redundancy, knowledge gaps, fraud, and expense while increasing opportunities, privacy, and security. Data silos will be replaced by harmonized real-time knowledge.

Pacio will achieve its Data without Boundaries vision via a high performance, scalable, low cost decentralized semantic blockchain based platform that provides a wide range of features and services for applications, wherever they run. Apps powered by Pacio will be ‘ACCOUNTING’ or ‘management’ feature-rich at every level.

The key technologies of the Pacio ecosystem are:

• An application platform, the blockchain, an API for app developers enabling scale and interoperability
• PIO token driving the platform, a cryptocurrency in its own right with advanced governance and issuance reward features
• An app store where developers can make their apps available
• Ultimately hundreds of thousands of apps -> a world of greater freedom, choice, and opportunity

The founders have pioneered digital accounting and management data practice over four decades and are ideally placed to shape business data in the 21st Century.

“The Pacio concepts have been decades in the making,” says David Hartley. “The confluence of third generation blockchains and ICOs for funding make them achievable.”

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