Film Puts Moments of Happiness in Global Perspective

Berlin/Europe – November 14, 2014. From the rugged and picturesque pilgrimage trail of Spain’s Camino de Santiago to Kenya, the Philippines and India this documentary explores what makes us human, and how animals and humans share many striking similarities in how they feel and interact.

This feature-length documentary is filmed largely on location following three individuals as they navigate the historicand challenging Camino de Santiago in Spain. The documentary is directed by Mr. Vasja Mihelcic, originally from Slovenia and now working and living in Berlin. He brings 20 years of experience as a producer and director. The underlying premise is that in overcoming life challenges, crisis and fears, we can experience ‘Moments of Happiness.’

This is a documentary about human behavior and the responsibility each of us bears to look after the earth. In addition to exploring the true ‘human’element, the producers turn their attention to four endangered animal species: the Bengal tiger, elephant, mountain gorilla, and sea turtle. The documentary will show similarities between animal and human on the emotional and social level, and in so doing raise our collective awareness, compassion, and love towards all specieson earth. In zeroing in on these similarities, the documentary will help further efforts for wildlife conservation globally.

Right after attending the producer’s workshop at the Marchédu Film at this year’s Film Festival in Cannes, Vasja Mihelcic started to prepare a crowd-funding campaign which has just been launched to fuel support for the movie. As there is no funding from the film industry or TV, the producers are counting on your help to bring this documentary to life – and to an international audience. As project manager Jolanta Mihelcic explains,“Our purpose is not only to finance this movie but also to get in contact with people who share our thoughts. We want to reach people who care and who believe in change. As humans we have a big responsibility for our actions and we have to be good role models for future generations.”

The film turns the lens inward towards the very human struggle of challenges we face in tough times and how we overcome these challenges to grow and regain happiness. These ‘moments of happiness’surface after trying times. The movie documents three very different individuals (a tango teacher from the United States, a physician from Argentina, and a linguist and amateur biologist from Slovenia). They will traverse the Camino de Santiago and learn more about themselves and others while on the trail.

As our ‘human’life is just one side of the coin, the producers have dedicated the film to exploring the animal way of life in Rwanda, Kenya, India, and the Philippines. There are many inviting perks for your support. As an added bit of excitement –for only $1 you can help break a world record. This campaign aims to shatter the current record for the greatest number of supporters of asingle crowd-sourced movie campaign. They only need 91,586 donors to break the oldrecord held by Kickstarter! Your donation of just $1 will make you part of this historic adventure.

Other great perks include the chance to be on-set and even in the film. In one of the cutest and most unique rewards you can donate $100 for ‘Teddy’s Adventure.’Send the producers your favorite teddy bear (35 cm max) and it will travel the Camino de Santiago with them. Of course, you’ll get pics of the adventures on social media.

Animal lovers unite! Your donation can help this important film while supporting wildlife conservation efforts. The biggest perk of all is knowing that you’re helping leave the world a safer place for endangered species –along with spreading a message of hope and compassion. Your donation of $120 lets you combine your love for movies and wildlife. With this reward 50% of the gathered funds will go to The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust for elephants in Nairobi, Africa. Your perk includes special credits in social media, website and a thank you video from the director and the foundation.

Want to see a historic part of Europe and check off a few other bucket list items at once? This is your chance to be on the historic Camino trail AND be a movie star. For just $800 you can assist in the filming of the documentary movie on the Camino de Santiago in Spain for two days and nights. You’ll stay in the same place as the cast and crew and learn about film production first-hand. This is an amazing hands on opportunity for budding film students and anyone with an interest in how documentaries are put together. Want more of a role? You’ve got it. For $2,000 you’ll have the unique opportunity to be an extra on the Camino de Santiago in 2015 for two days and nights. There are only ten openings, so act soon.

For a unique perk combine discovering the beauty and culture of Berlin with being a VIP at the film’s opening night. You and a guest enjoy three nights in this amazing city and a great after party! Bed and breakfast included. Note: airfare/connections to film locations not included in any perks. See campaign site for full details. Even if you can’t donate –you can still help spread Moments of Happiness.

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