New Book For Entrepreneurs and Professionals Makes Marketing and Lead Conversion Easier

A group of media experts called The Authority Wizards have released their latest book in November 2014. The book is “Get Published and Grow Your Business – Become The Hunted, Not The Hunter” and it details how entrepreneurs and professionals can get published, become a best-selling author and massively grow their business and authority in their industry.

The Authority Wizards have launched their latest book on Amazon, “Get Published and Grow Your Business – Become The Hunted Not The Hunter.” The official launch of the book on Amazon is November 2014 and, according to the authors, “This book is a labor of love, and we are extremely excited that it is finally going to be available to the public. We have brought together a group of experts, and through this book we are going to position you for success faster than you can do it yourself.”

The Authority Wizards are a group of marketing professionals with experience in a variety of areas including publishing, advertising, social media, public relations and other marketing-related fields. The authors that are members of The Authority Wizards include:  Lisa Williams, T. Allen Hanes, Dr. Mark Page, Lonnie Ray Phillips, Joel Helfer, Eric Swartz, Jeanie Budge, and Jim Neister.

The philosophy of The Authority Wizards is simple. They believe that when a professional is a bestselling author, they gain a level of authority with their clients and the public at large, that can’t be obtained any other way. As one author put it, “When the average person sees that a professional has a book at the top of the best sellers list, they automatically see that professional as an expert in their field and they are much more likely to consider that professional’s services.” The authors believe that publishing a book gives professionals a competitive advantage, and that is the focus of this new book.

Amazon has released a new section “Short Reads”, that gives atypical authors a powerful marketing platform to publish non-traditional short books, and Lisa Williams who is spearheading the book, said, “this platform opens the door for entrepreneurs to promote their products and services.”  The Authority Wizards are teaching readers how to leverage this platform to stand out from their competition.

Having a published book is being called the 21st century business card and “Get Published and Grow Your Business – Become The Hunted Not The Hunter” explains the processes involved in getting a book published and details how having a book will help any professional grow their business. The book addresses the reasons why many people don’t write books, which include a feeling that it is too overwhelming to learn to market and publish a book.

Since February 2014, the Authority Wizards and their colleagues are responsible for over 100 books becoming bestsellers on Amazon. In July 2014 alone, over 20 bestselling authors who had no writing experience were created, many of which reached #1 and #2 on the bestsellers list. This list contains some amazing life coaches, professionals and speakers.

The methods used to establish authority are all detailed in this new book, and according to the authors, “Professionals would do themselves a great service by checking out this new book and learning how effective it is for them to get published, become a best-selling-author and with the right methods, become a sought after expert in their field.”

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