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Cyberspace might be crowded with a number of music download sites, but majority of these MP3 sites are all show and no go. aims to deliver the promise to the music buffs around the world., an online repository of groovy music, has recently launched its free MP3 music download service to deliver the promise to its web visitors. The site administrators recently added a ‘download’ button with each and every song or album featured on the site. Therefore, users can now either listen to the songs online or download the same for free without a hitch. With the ‘Download’ option added to each MP3 and music album, the site is getting fresh traffic as well as repeat visits, the owners revealed.

Free MP3 music download is a clichéd promise that many online music portals fail to deliver. Web user behaviour analysts have even indicated that the bounce rate (the percentage of users clicking away from a website) is quite higher for the free MP3 download sites that add to the frustration of the users by displaying pop-ups and ads and without serving any real purpose. owners, therefore, has aimed to deliver the promise, that is to facilitate free music download. It has been learnt that the countless fans and patrons of the site have already expressed great delight over the launch of the download function through email.

“We always felt the need of launching a free download service through or website as we have seen many useless sites that can do nothing but upset the end users. These sites may look very appealing and may contain a fairly long list of MP3s, but the truth is that most of these ask for registration or redirect users to third-party websites for no reason whatsoever. is a stark exception in that regard. We are what we are. It is true that our users may not find all the albums or MP3s of their choice through our site. But all the MP3s are free to download and that’s where we are different from other sites”, the owner of the site told a small group of journalists here.

One of the site administrators also added, “The click-and-go free MP3 music download has made it a lot easier for our end users.”

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