Linfinity x Momentum: Technology as a Bridge between Imagination and Reality

Linfinity, the Singapore-based platform specializing in the integration of blockchain and supply chains took another step towards growth and development on 18th July, having signed another Memorandum of Understanding with Momentum in Seoul, South Korea. The signing of the MOU for both companies represents a co-operation towards the commercialization of the blockchain industry, and also to jointly promote the use, education, and further development of blockchain technology.


The inception of Momentum:

A preliminary look at Momentum may seem confusing to many, but what they have to offer has the potential to revolutionize brand and customer relationships on a global scale. Momentum was created and launched by MobileBridge – a company specialized in optimizing interaction between brands and their users by making use of smart learning technology and consumer information.

The typical mode of advertorial dissemination conducted by many companies today involve a mass broadcasting of email announcements – what we typically identify as spam; and nobody enjoys receiving spam. What MobileBridge has to offer is personalized ads based on factors such as User Preferences, Demographic Data, Seasons, Weather, as well as Geo-Location. By using the real-time analytic feeds, the platform can then act as a bridge to allow for the most optimal brand-customer interaction possible. In a nutshell, MobileBridge is able to analyze and identify the best moment to contact each customer, making each interaction a personal one.

Moving on, what Momentum does is in essence, an extension of MobileBridge’s original function – to optimize brand/user interaction. As is commonly practiced by many companies, loyalty points and rewards are granted to users who help to review, share, or use the brand. However, these rewards are often wasted, simply because there is not enough tangible value in them. Using the Momentum platform however, users will be rewarded with Momentum tokens instead after having completed various actions benefiting the company. These tokens on the platform are also fluid and interchangeable, such that a brand’s token may be converted into Momentum tokens, which in turn may be exchanged back into another brand’s token. This means that a trip to the supermarket, or the cinema can eventually lead to your purchasing of a first class business flight ticket for your next holiday.

How is this important?

Then again, what is the significance of this MOU? How is it different from the other signings made by Linfinity? From a technical point of view, the services Momentum has to offer makes for good chemistry with companies specializing in supply chains. “We work with many companies with sustainability goals, like saving water and managing waste. To do so we must make sure the chain is untouched, the origin of the products must be correct.” Momentum Founder and President Eyal Oster said. “It was difficult to find a worthy partner, but Linfinity is one of the best companies specializing in blockchain that we’ve seen. This is why we decided to link up with Linfinity,” he added.


The partnership between these two companies will also mutually boost the presence of both companies, leading to greater adoption and utilization of the technology around the world. With Linfinity’s growing global presence, having partnered with companies from the Asia-Pacific region (Alishan, Scientific Tradition) as well as from Europe (Momentum, Wealth Briefing), industry leaders have to gradually acknowledge the company as a legitimate force, rather than just some passing fad. “All of this that we’re doing, as cheesy as it may sound, is for the sake of benefiting mankind and making our journey into a tech-oriented future as easy as possible,” Anndy Lian, CEO of Linfinity said at the MOU signing with Momentum. “I believe that blockchain will dominate our future technology and the sooner people educate themselves before making snap judgments about this technology, the better,” Anndy said.


Smart technology, blockchain, and cryptocurrency may seem as something that remains distant and detached from our reality – a future that can only be reached via our imagination. However, we have to accept that technological advancements have caught up with our imagination. Technology has brought us this far, and it will bring us even further. The future is now.

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