Ysan Roche Turns Down Jewish Mossad Offer to Become a Spy

New York, NY – Renowned the world over for her unique approach as a singer, songwriter and producer, Ysan Roche is also an extraordinarily beautiful dancer and model. So attractive, in fact, that she has been approached by the Jewish Mossad to work as an intelligence agent.

“Over the last few years I’ve been approached by strange men on more than one occasion,” says Roche. “I was shocked to find out that they actually wanted me to become a spy!”

Many women have played a part in espionage over the centuries. Mata Hari is likely one of the best-known female spies. A Dutch exotic dancer and courtesan, she was executed by firing squad in France for espionage for Germany during World War I. Her life inspired a number of films and stage musicals, notably the 1931 movie in which she was portrayed by Greta Garbo.

As Roche found out for herself, female spies continue to be in demand. In fact, Israel’s Mossad Intelligence Agency is openly targeting females (“Powerful women needed”) in ads published in Israeli newspapers and on the agency’s website

But it’s unlikely that these women’s lives would be as exciting and glamorous as Hollywood would have us believe.

“These men thought that through charm and flattery they could convince me into doing such a thing. To be honest, I was quite skeptical about it until I actually followed a link that one of them gave me, and saw that it was for real.”

Roche is of the opinion that espionage is something women could easily be lured into, in the mistaken belief that it would be a privilege to work for your country.

“I would never allow myself to be taken advantage of in such a way,” adds Roche. “I have more self-respect.”

About Ysan Roche

Author, songwriter, singer and producer, Ysan Roche also designs her own fashion and directs her own music videos. Through her music, fashion and overall identity, she expresses that life is about constant self transformation and firmly believes that people should take control of their own identity and destiny.

CEO of her brand Ysan Roche LLC which combines music, fashion and visual artistry, Roche documents her Vagabondiva Lifestyle on http://instagram.com/ysanroche and Youtube.

For more information about Ysan Roche, visit her website at https://www.ysanroche.com.

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