Valley Park Tree Care’s Tree Surgeons Develop Successful Japanese Knotweed Treatment

Kent, UK – Trees can be wonderful additions to any area, residential or commercial. They’re a beautiful addition to any landscape and offer shade and fruit to those lucky enough to have them on their property. However, some may need more love and care than others. If a large plant is unhealthy or has fallen, it can require expert care outside of the knowledge of an ordinary person. Even when it comes to caring for a lawn, some plants and greenery need special attention in order to flourish. Rather than attempt to revive or care for these plants yourself, you can trust professionals to help you. The tree surgeons at Valley Park Tree Care in Maidstone, found at, are focusing their efforts on helping those kinds of customers.

They offer several services to those in need of help with maintaining their gardens and business areas. They offer tree removal and care, stump grinding, bark mulching, traditional garden care, and specially developed Japanese knotweed treatment – a notoriously stubborn and destructive plant to have near buildings. They focus on making the customer’s access to premium lawn and plant maintenance easy and without hassle. Taking care of those larger plants can be a daunting task for anyone who hasn’t handled one before. By offering their services to residences and businesses, the people at Valley Park Tree Care show that they are intent on helping those with serious gardening problems, like diseased plants or Japanese knotweed. With them, any sort of removal is clean and safe and will not hurt the lawn or the surrounding areas. They provide lawn cutting and weed treatments as well for those looking for some help sustaining a yard or similar area. And when it comes to any trunks that end up becoming mulched, they would rather give that mulch away than dispose of it. This way they’re helping recycle and reuse a plant, and the customer can use that mulch to improve some other aspect of their lawn.

With treatments for knotweed becoming more prevalent, taking care of this aggressive plant is getting easier for homeowners. Customers can trust that Valley Park’s staffare highly trained and know the some of the best ways to make sure that the area is at its healthiest and looking great. No one will ever need to feel as though they have to take care of their yard all on their own with people and companies like theirs. To find out more about the services provided by these tree surgeons, Maidstone, visit

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