The Force Is Strong with This One – Blockchain Awakens Summer 2018 Hackathon

The ‘Blockchain Awakens Hackathon’ will take place August 4th and 5th in San Mateo. Hackers will form teams and work together on a project. The top three teams will be rewarded 0.5, 0.35 and 0.15 BTC respectively. The remaining teams will share 2 BTC based on the number of votes they receive.

Host and Co-hosts (From left to right: ABC Blockchain Community, CPC, DoraHacks)

BlockchainAwakens Hackthon is hosted by ABC Blockchain Community (ABC), and co-hosted by CPC and DoraHacks, with support from DFG capital as the organizer, and organizations such as Binance Labs, Stanford Blockchain, Blockchain Founder Club,  and Los Angeles Blockchain Lab as sponsors and partners.

Hackers from 20+ countries, with experience in companies like Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Uber, and PayPal will be competing for fame and prizes. We are also happy to see many teams led by female entrepreneurs participating in the hackathon. We hope this hackathon not only makes advancement in technology, but also in opening opportunities for people of any background, gender, or race.

ABC is dedicated to blockchain technology advancement. Originally formed by a group of Google engineers, it has now evolved into a worldwide technical community for engineers, researchers, investors, entrepreneurs, and blockchain enthusiasts with members from organizations such as Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stanford and Berkeley, etc.  We believe the future of blockchain lies in devoted research and engineering efforts to improve the robustness of the infrastructure and to explore ways to fundamentally transform our economical and social systems.

Blockchain 3.0

One theme of this hackathon is Blockchain 3.0, aka the next generation of permissionless blockchains. Multiple new blockchain platforms will showcase their newly released infrastructure, on top of which hackers can build apps not supported by current infrastructure.

Platform Sponsors (From left to right: QuarkChain, NKN, HyperLedger)

Venture Capitalists at the hackathon

Top venture capital partners and investors will be also at the hackathon to invest in promising projects. Representatives from DH Capital, Draper Dragon, Block VC, Preangel, Fenbushi Capital, Breyerlab, JLAB, NewDo, 8 Decimal, and Node Capital will be scouting great projects at the hackathon. In addition, the founders of Huobi, Binance, Bigogo, Coinsuper and Bibox will be present and listening to the hackers’ ideas with anticipation.

Fun and creative

BlockchainAwakens Hackathon is not all about coding, it is also about enjoying the creative vibe. There will be a photo booth, live music, and free meals. On top of this, the entire event will be Star Wars themed! While competing for the grand prizes, hackers can also claim the ‘Best Dressed’ award by wearing stunning Star Wars themed costumes.

Top Judge Panels

The best hackathon is worth the best judges. To ensure the hackathon is technical-focused, hands-on and innovative, ABC has invited respected figures from the industry to be the judges:

Information about sponsors:

Binance Labs is the Diamond Sponsor for the hackathon. Binance is an international, multi-language cryptocurrency exchange. The service raised 15 million dollars in a July 2017 Initial Coin Offering for its ERC20 BNB token. Binance Labs is a blockchain technology incubator that focuses on pre-ICO projects and teams.

Special Partner:

Dynamic Fintech Group (DFG) is the Special Partner of the hackathon. It is an emerging blockchain-focused venture fund founded Feb 2018 in Silicon Valley. DFG has invested 30+ projects in various fields, including Certik, Quarkchain, NKN, DxChain, Celer Network, ANKR, Coinsuper, Bgogo, Taxa, BlockCloud, etc. Along with blockchain investing, DFG also provides a one-stop-shop blockchain incubation/consulting service.


Here is our hard-working and devoted team from ABC blockchain community:


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