European Technical Team Develops Bitfinder To Be Dedicated To Solving the Whole Process Solution of the Centralized Mining Machinery Leasing Service

Since Bitmain released the Ant series chip machine, the mining industry has changed with each passing day and entered the era of professional players. With the great improvement of the hash of mining machine, what followed is that the noise pollution and power consumption of the mining machine have increased in proportion. As long as you buy a mining machine to work at home, you will be complained by neighbors every day, plus the price of city electricity is high, so that the miners are mentally exhausted. Then the mine that provided professional hosting services was born. However, the market is mixed, and the quality is also mixed, most of the miners contact the mine by Internet. But the mine site is generally remote and only very few miners can visit the spot, which contributes to the widespread abduction in the mining machine hosting market.

  • Pain Point 1: The construction of propaganda machine room is professional, but its actual condition is simple and the heat dissipation is not up to standard so that the power failure often happens.

In 2017, the mine site was comparable to buying a house, it was hard to find. Many mines that had been rushed to be used were only simply completed the land leveling and built a colorful steel shed, and then they started to work. These mines were not designed as required and the results were conceivable. Often overloaded resulted in power failure in the mine, small space, poor ventilation, and heat dissipation was not up to standard, so the life of the mining machine in this environment was far lower than the design life, resulting in high repair rate and seriously affecting the revenue.

  • Pain Point 2: Low rent, verbal commitment, no contract and raising the price at the transaction location.

It is known to all that hydropower has a bumpy period. The electricity in the period of prosperity is of no value at all, and it is often given on the Internet that the electricity bill is 3.x. But once it reaches the period of drought, the mine operators will raise the price at the transaction location. The management fee of electricity for the original oral promotion is all invalid, and there is no credit at all. Therefore, the mines tend to be remote. Especially for the miners who are worried about the safety of the machines and the loss of the transition, so they can only bear it in silence.

  • Pain Point 3: Perpetrating a fraud and being shoddy.

Members of the miners often say that they sent new machines to the mine, after six months, they planned to sell the machines but received them all that have passed 12-month warranty period. The machines that have passed the warranty period are worthless, which can be described as heavy losses.

  • Pain Point 4: Committed earnings, promised dividends, the contract traps.

Members of the miners often complain to me about the mine of XX, which promised to invest in the purchase of the mining machine and then how many months the money would back or get the specific monthly income. Even in the terms, it requires to take 20% of the revenue of the machine, this is totally outrageous! Just think about it, if he can guarantee such a high benefits, why not ask the bank for a loan to mine?

In this case, a closer look at the contract reveals that the contract is not written at all, and it is all a verbal commitment.

  • Pain Point 5: Private mines, small mines, etc.

Mining has entered a professional era, a good mine needs a number of professional teams such as infrastructure, electricity, maintenance, network management to support. There are 200-500 private mines and 100-200 small mines on the Internet. The benefits are not enough to support a complete maintenance team, and the service level is even more worrying.

The above points are common in the industry and are abhorrent.

But Bitfinder platform solves these issues through the innovative and revolutionary design. Unlike other similar products, Bitfinder is a complete mining machine leasing service platform, rather than a collection of packages or packaged APIs. It is a complete solution combining block chain and cloud computing technology.

Bitfinder can also provide a functional module driven by intrinsic incentives and mining leases for matching the market, thus it forms an ecosystem. “Miners” in Bitfinder can provide not only computing resources, but reusable modules, new services, and even applications that can be deployed directly. These “miners” who provide functions and applications receive token rewards when their services are used, thus forming a service platform that can be continuously improved and self-growth. The Bitfinder service platform was not created by the founding team merely, but was developed and created by the entire community. The founding team was just a group of people who were initially promoted.

Bitfinder introduces the “Open Chain Access Protocol”, which allows applications to connect to many different blockchain protocols. Developers will regain the freedom to evaluate different blockchain protocols and even switch between them. When the blockchain technology itself evolves, it ensures that applications can easily evolve along with new blockchain technologies. The “Open Chain Access Protocol” eliminates the “platform lock-in” risk of existing blockchain technology and enables some blockchain applications to be created across links, dramatically improving the experience of developers and users.

The slice-winding mechanism of Bitfinder is another revolutionary design. The technology of segmentation was first used in database, which splits the database into multiple slices and place the slices in different partitions (storage devices) so that the data volume of each partition would be much smaller so as to meet the performance requirements of the system.

In conclusion, our design idea is aimed at building a high-performance, user-friendly, cost-effective and non-locked mining machinery rental and matching service platform. We believe that Bitfinder’s design idea represents the mainstream model for next-generation blockchain applications.

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