Fiori Giovanni’s My Mind Valley is a Transformational program that Helps Everyone Defy their Destiny

July 30, 2018 – The mind is a powerhouse that can help people take control over their lives, so that they can defy their destinies.  A new affirmation program, My Mind Valley, now offers the tools and knowledge needed to reach out and connect to the subconscious and unconscious powers that are never otherwise obvious, so that people can finally begin to live the life they love.

Founded by Fiori Giovanni, My Mind Valley is focused on bringing out capability, uplifting positivity, clarity and focus. The method discovered by Fiori works on the fact that people can change the world by simply changing how they speak to themselves. Fiori has experienced the magic powers of self-talk in her own life journey, from a child soldier in Africa to successful business women in Australia.

A profound and effective affirmation program, My Mind Valley comprises Audio, video and Kindle material covering 30 topics that are designed to bring about specific changes in life. The topics are structured to enable the user to connect with their conscious and subconscious mind.

Among the My Mind Valley series is ‘Trust Yourself’ that reorients the reader to take a leap and bet on themselves. ‘Achieve Success’ shows how one can change one’s world by simply changing the self-talk. ‘Bust Out with Creativity’ reveals that creativity is a method, and the affirmation helps bring about awareness and expanded perspectives.

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Fiori is a famous life, business and executive coach known around the world. She has gained her knowledge, wisdom and insights into personal growth over the course of traveling across 30 countries in all five continents. She combines this with her personal life journey to help ignite change and transformation in the lives of others. She is currently settled in Australia, where she is a highly sought-after speaker, Author and executive coach.

The journey into My Mind Valley can be begun with a free e-book: The Secret Blue Print for Accessing and Reprogramming your Mind for Success.

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