Phenomenal Network presents the first blockchain-powered platform that rewards qualified affiliates

Phenomenal Network is the first of its kind blockchain based platform that is designed to benefit both networks and advertisers in the affiliate industry. It is here to overcome the shortcomings associated with the traditional processes where ads networks and advertisers often delay payments to the app promoters. The platform uses blockchain technology to achieve highly scalable, decentralized and secure systems for completely eliminating any chances of fraud in the affiliate marketing industry.

Phenomenal Network utilizes sharding technology to achieve millions of transactions per second without crashing or blocking the system. It aims to establish a convenient platform for new ICO and start-ups that are planning to create their own chains and access the services of the Phenomenal Network. It provides a fast and efficient peer-to-peer network for the users that is based on the trusted Ethereum ERC20. It not only rewards the qualified affiliates but also the Ad networks with fast payment and pure traffic Golden Affiliate Reward.

The Golden Affiliate rewards will be given to the most reliable affiliates who show the best performance with their transparency. The affiliates can approach golden lists where they can get quality traffic for their campaigns. It will also enable the qualified affiliates to have their desired payment period.

Phenomenal Network will keep its major focus on providing real-time reporting service and interface plus all the necessary hidden data will be shown in real-time updates. Furthermore, the cheating performance will be banned quickly and the qualified ones will stay there. The platform features the unique Anti Fraudulent Traffic Alert-AFTA which immediately bans and suspends the ID of any potential frauds. The user will also have the option to compare the data saved in the platform’s blockchain and click/convert IPs among the network.

The Phenomenal network is currently holding a 10-week Bounty Campaign to reward the supporters between 28th of July to 12th of October. The platform will allocate a total of 9.000.000 PN token (the official token of Phenomenal Coin) to the campaign. The Pre-Sale of Phenomenal Coin is estimated to take place in the month of September, the exact dates of which will be announced soon.

Visit the official website of Phenomenal Network for more information.

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