The Natural Anti-Aging Skin Care Products Formed From The Blending Of Asian Beauty Therapy Concept And The Modern Scientific Skin Care Beauty Process.

California, United States – 30th July, 2018 – LE’VEA, a skin care brand located in California makes its debut in the world of beauty products by enthusiastically announcing the release of a new collection of natural anti-aging skin care product that effectively reduces wrinkles and makes the skin appear younger. LE’VEA skin care products are developed by world-class chemists through the combination of old Asian beauty concept with the modern scientifically researched formula to produce a natural, effective and advanced anti-aging skincare that helps to maintain young and beautiful skin.

Human skin is at the mercy of many forces such as exposure to sun, pollutions, unhealthy skincare habit etc. These forces contribute to the aging process of the skin that leaves the skin to wrinkle, loss of subcutaneous support and even spots on the skin. LE’VEA brand uses green tea and herbs with other extracts from natural plants, as well as powerful vitamins in producing skin care products that counter the effects of exposure to sunlight, wrinkled skin, pollutions that affect the skin and also increases the subcutaneous support beneath the skin. The products are botanically enhanced with multi-active plant ingredients that are proven effective anti-aging skincare, tested safe for all skin and are certified by MSDS.

“LE’VEA products were inspired by nature. LE’VEA believes quality, class, and the natural effective ingredients. The name LE’VEA is the inspiration from the green tea leaves and the other natural ingredients used in the production process,” said the LE’VEA brand creator while describing the LE’VEA brand and its products. “LE’VEA is a perfect East meets West solution to aging and wrinkle in human skin. The background flower pattern also is the inspiration of the flower we use in our ingredients. LE’VEA product packaging design is also inspired by our natural ingredients.” she added.

LE’VEA brand presently has ten different products available on the market. Each product comes in different shapes and sizes with different specific functions on the skin. The products are Biotic Repair Eye Treatment, Phyto Repair Hydrating Toner, Age Defense: Eye Wrinkle Cream plus Vitamin C Serum, Anti-aging Radiance Hydrating Cleanser, Age-Perfect: Night Repair Cream + Vitamin C + Serum, Age-Secret: 5pc Anti-Aging Treatment System, Biotic Repair Anti-Aging Night Cream, C+ Antioxidant Wrinkle Reduction Serum, Ageless Beauty: Eye Repair Cream +Antioxidant Serum +Repair Night Cream, Youth Treatment: Eye Wrinkle Treatment + Night Repair Cream. The products price are affordable and there is a special offer of free shipping, easy return and money back guarantee if a customer is not satisfied with the results.

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LE’VEA skin care aims to empower and brighten people’s life by developing a new standard of beauty and wellbeing solutions. Established in 2016 by Jessie, the mission of the brand is to help people to live a healthy life, maintain beautiful young skin, and keep the age a secret.

Jessie grew up with her family in Asia where people love to use herbs to treat and maintain body health. While growing up, her mother often uses a secret recipe with green tea and herbs to create homemade skincare products. She pursued a career in the skin care field after moving to the United States. She later combines her mother’s beauty recipe with the knowledge she acquired in the United States and the products today is LE’VEA Skin Care Products.

LE’VEA skin care, an advanced natural anti-aging skin care line developed specially for anti-wrinkle.

For more information, visit www.leveaskincare.com

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