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“Never lose your JUUL again!”
The VQ Lite is a versatile vape pen holder compatible with JUUL. Don’t forget your vape again! Don’t lose your vape again! Stick it anywhere – on your phone, tablet, laptop, car dashboard, desk, nightstand, or anywhere you have vape sessions. CONVENIENT – A designated place to hold your vape when not in use. SANITARY – Don’t get pocket lint or bacteria in your vape pen by letting it loose in your pocket or purse. SAFE – Holds your vape on the dashboard while you drive!

Vaping has taken over the country as the new way to ingest nicotine. Smoking is becoming obsolete as the population is more aware then ever of the damage it can do long term. From day one, Vaportronix aimed to create a discreet and convenient vaping experience that customers would want to use in their daily lives. 

Their first product the VQase was a cell phone case designed to store and charge their own vaporizer they called the VQ Stick. While the VQase was a great concept the biggest challenge that Vaportronix faced was that phone models change designs almost every year, so creating an entire phone case for each model phone proved to be a struggle. 

To solve this problem, Vaportronix created a solution but with the rise in popularity of JUUL, Vaportronix shifted its attention to focus on leading vaporizer in the country instead of trying to compete against them with their own vaporizer, the VQ Stick.  
Enter the VQ Lite. 

Designed for the JUUL, its simple design allows it to be placed on any phone, any tablet, any laptop, desk, car dashboard, or anywhere someone would want easy access to their JUUL. The best part about it is that it helps in preventing anyone from losing their JUUL again. 

“We have heard countless accounts of people losing their JUUL’s, leaving them behind somewhere, or simply falling out of their pocket. We wanted to solve that problem once and for all” says Vaportronix, CEO, Steven Stanimirovic. One of its greatest features is allowing anyone to vape directly from their phone, when positioned properly, by simply sliding up their JUUL when they want to use it and sliding it back down when they are done using it. “Keeping the vision of our original product, the VQase, we are still providing customers the ability to keep their vape with them on the device, or place, they use it most. That way its always with them, so they never miss a puff and they never lose their JUUL again!” Says Stanimirovic. 

The VQ Lite is just the beginning of new products coming out by Vaportronix specifically designed for the JUUL. “We are continuing to create new products that will solve some of JUUL’s customer’s biggest issues with it, like not having enough battery to last the whole day, limited flavor options for their pods, and any other issues we hear from customers that we can solve we will do our best to do just that. With our new patents, our goal is now to provide the leading vaporizer company’s customers with only the best accessories possible to make their vaping experience the best it can be”-Stanimirovic

The VQ Lite is available now through Vaportronix’s website, on, soon on Amazon.UK & Amazon.CA, and at many of your local vape stores and smoke shops. If it isn’t at your favorite vape shop, smoke shop, or convenient store ask them why they aren’t carrying “the JUUL holder everyone is talking about”

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