Charmaine Mbatha aiming to change lives with the launch of online magazine – Her Grit Magazine.

Award Winning Global Speaker, Entrepreneur, and Writer, Charmaine Mbatha, launches new online magazine – Her Grit Magazine, to support women of color.

Charmaine Mbatha is a certified and award winning speaker, entrepreneur, writer, and philanthropist. She is also the founder of Millennial Business Admins, a company that supports small business owners and professionals globally. Charmaine Mbatha recently launched an online magazine called Her Grit Magazine, a publication designed to inspire and support women of color across the globe.

Traditional media and even digital media have evolved over the years, with different stakeholder coming up with ways of reaching their target audience more effectively. The internet has particularly made it easy for publishers to create and publish their content to the world. However, many of the magazines are filled with gossips and celebrity news, with little or no real and impactful stories to inspire readers. This is where Charmaine Mbatha and the newly-launched online publication are looking to make a difference with a focus on women of color.

Her Grit Magazine is made for the women of color, character, and confidence, with different categories of content including lifestyle, beauty, business, relationships, and youth. The online magazine also contains real life inspiring stories that are beneficial to every reader, helping to improve their life, business/ career or relationships.

Launched less than 3 months, Her Grit Magazine is grown in popularity and acceptance, currently in 35 countries across the globe. This is largely due to its attributes that set it apart from other online publications, with the primary aim of speaking the truth and effecting positive change to the world.

Her Grit Magazine is a testament to Charmaine Mbatha’s passion and desire to help others by relaying her expertise and experience in an easy-to-understand way, allowing virtually every woman and person to benefit from her experience and the stories of others.

Coached the famous JT Foxx, the World’s #1 Wealth and Business Coach, Charmaine Mbatha has been privileged to grace different event across the globe, and has been recently invited to attend the Mega Success in Los Angeles. Mega Success is described as “the biggest wealth event in the world,” with a long list of A-list guests including Michael Douglas, Mel Gibson, Al Pacino, Jessica Simpson, JT Foxx, Brooke Shields, and Hugh Hilton.

More information about Charmaine Mbatha and her works can be found on her website. Issues of Her Grit Magazine can also be accessed via the website, with additional information available on Facebook and Instagram.

About Charmaine Mbatha

Charmaine Mbatha is an award winning global speaker, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. She is also the founder and senior consultant of Millennial Business Admins, a company that supports small business owners and professionals globally. Charmaine invests back into communities by mentoring youth in life, career and business. She has travelled around the world, inspiring women in business.

Charmaine Mbatha has also published eBooks on Amazon for personal development and youth guidance in career and business. 

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