Newly launched cryptocurrency BOTcoin aims to bring a solution to the plastic crisis around the world

BOTcoin is the newly launched cryptocurrency with a purpose. It is part of an ecosystem that aims to test and initiate blockchain applications that make a difference in the world and bring solutions to major issues like plastic waste around the world. The planet is covered in plastic and its high time someone brings a sustainable solution to it. BOTcoin is one of the first cryptocurrency ventures to focus on the ongoing plastic crisis through the promising blockchain technology.

BOTcoin uses cutting-edge technologies to bring a positive change that will have a tangible impact on the generations to come. It is backed by a team of environment and technology enthusiast who are on a mission to develop technologies and projects that will contribute towards minimizing plastic waste around the globe. It has considered the fact that only about 9% of the plastic ever produced has been recycled and the rest of its floating around in oceans killing the marine life and covering a large area of land on earth.

The vision of BOTcoin is to build IOT data-driven Smart Islands which will be centralized through blockchain initiatives to not only clean up the islands but alleviate poverty. It will also build Smart Rivers which will be cleaned through IOT and Drone Driven Technology. One of the major challenges for BOTcoin will be to build smart oceans which will be done with the help of advanced technology while enabling economic growth aspects like smart fishing and logistic solutions to reduce waste.

Plastic might be an amazing invention that has revolutionized the human lifestyle but today it poses a serious threat to the environment as it has polluted the landfills, clogged rivers and harmed the marine life. The problem is not with the plastic but its irresponsible use and disposal that the humans have done over many decades. The recent 6-month closure of Boracay Island in Philippines due to plastic filled beaches is one example of how plastic is now affecting everyday lives of people. The closure caused a loss of $1 Billion in revenue to Boracay including the local sellers that relied on tourists.

In partnership with the successful WIZBL Blockchain Platform, a solution was developed to utilize the instantaneous nature of WIZBL and its BRTE (Blockchain Real Time EcoSystem). The result was an elegant marriage of AI and IOT integrated into a revolutionary Blockchain Platform with roots embedded in human psychology. 

By transforming the current linear economic model into a circular framework, various different industries are presented with the ability to participate in a multi-billion-dollar market. BOTcoin will use a strategy of using incentives through blockchain, optimization with AI and IOT and transformation using human psychology. 

BOTcoin aims to build a world where ‘planet or plastic’ no longer matters. Find more at

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