Peak Financial Freedom Group Founders Co-Author The Best-Seller The Big Question with Larry King

Financial Planning Experts Jim Files and Dan Ahmad of Peak Financial Freedom Group
Dan Ahmad and Jim Files of Peak Financial Group have co-authored a best-selling book with TV personality Larry King. Their book, The Big Question, takes cues from entrepreneurs and professionals all around the world in order to answer “how” to have health, wealth, and success.

By Zoey Thompson

Roseville, CA – Dan Ahmad and Jim Files have over fifty years of combined experience in financial and wealth management and are recognized among the top financial advisors working exclusively with retirees. Their firm, Peak Financial Freedom Group, helps retirees manage and reduce their risk, seek protected growth of their assets, create dependable income that will last for life, and create comprehensive written retirement income plans. The duo is also partnering with Jack Canfield, co-creator of the Chicken Soup For The Soul Book Series that sold over 500,000,000 copies, in writing a new anticipated best-selling book titled Momma’s Secret Recipe For Retirement Success. The book looks to answer the most pressing questions retirees have about their money and brings practical and powerful solutions to every reader, teaching them how to guarantee they won’t run out of money for as long as they live and never suffer a big loss like the 2008 Financial Crisis again.   

“We have helped so many retirees achieve financial success because we have always used “Best-Practice” by looking to those who were successful in their field and then figuring out to change them,” says Dan Ahmad. “Working with Larry King has been an incredible honor. No one can say that this man wasn’t the top interviewer in his field. He knows how to get to the heart of a story and is exactly why our new book, The Big Question is able to convey so much information in such little space. 

Their own contributions to the book are the most prominent in the chapter “7 Rules to Live By for Retirement Security” where they demonstrate how the old way of thinking about investments crippled retirees during the 2008 financial crisis and offer up “7 Rules” that they believe will help retirees meet their financial goals. Dan and Jim were especially proud of this chapter as they received the Editor’s Choice award for their contribution to Mr. King’s project.”

“We tell everyone that they need to create a sound retirement plan that avoids all large losses to their portfolio, minimize fees, reduce volatility, earn reasonable rates of return, manage their taxes, and generate the type of income that will last for as long as they live, and have their entire plan documented in writing,” says Jim Files.  “Follow those seven rules and you will substantially increase your success in retirement.”

Dan and Jim’s successful track record and soluble advice have earned them commendations from the California Attorney General’s Office, California Teachers Association, 17 state universities, 66 community colleges, as well as, countless legal and financial associations. The duo has been invited to lecture all over the nation and are the co-hosts of “50 Shades of Money” on three News Radio stations. Their last book, Don’t Bet the Farm, says it all in the title and is the nucleus of their financial planning philosophies, strategies and investment recommendations; don’t take too much risk during retirement.

“The vast majority of retirees are fearful of making financial mistakes and ultimately base their retirement on hope and luck – it’s our job to fix this. We do so through a tremendous amount of education and by developing comprehensive written retirement income plans that turns their fears and hoping that they’ll be lucky into confidence that they’ll be financially secure throughout retirement,” says Files. 

“We meet new clients every day and they all have the same fundamental goals; reduce their investment risk, provide the maximum income stream from their assets that will last for as long as they live, have enough growth to offset inflation, and have money left over for their beneficiaries” says Files.  “By applying our 7 Rules To Live By for Retirement Security, we can develop a comprehensive written retirement income plan that dramatically increases success in retirement. We hope that everyone who purchases a copy gets what they need from the experiences of those we worked with to create this book,” says Ahmad.

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