Conventment’s CNVT Token Could Be a Goldmine for Investors

Conventment, an IoT-based security and logistics platform designed for the local cannabis sector, has announced its sale of CNVT tokens for its platforms to be built on blockchain technology. Conventment’s industry-wide solution, designed on the Ethereum platform will offer convenience, transparency, and security for an industry in desperate need of all three. The CNVT token will officially launch a Token Generation Event on August 2018.

Both cryptocurrency and the cannabis industry are enjoying outpourings, and their growth could be bolstered by uniting their markets. It’s expected that by 2025, the growth of the cannabis industry will be 16 percent per year and its market will increase up to $24 billion. The monthly average revenue of dispensaries grew from $10 million to more than $70 million from 2014 to 2016.

Conventment will be a fully-integrated blockchain-based solution for regulated and standardized interaction between cannabis users, couriers and dispensaries. Potential business partners and investors can obtain CNVT tokens during the public and private sale that will be open to approved participants for a limited period.

Blockchain technology provides a way to simplify all cannabis pursuits simultaneously. That’s because it holds an immutable ledger which leverages crypto-tokens designed on smart contracts. Such benefits include:

  • Existing data conversion
  • Built for the future of healthcare
  • Secure transactions
  • Compatible with a wide number of MCUs
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Digital paper trail for every process
  • Improved oversight and real-time statistics
  • Automatic and streamlined advanced B2B solution
  • DLA Center as an advanced B2B solution
  • Data stored on the Ethereum blockchain with zero downtime
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Easily accessible through most devices

The long-term benefits of Conventment as a functional logistics platform are unrivaled and unprecedented. It will get rid of the huge number of loss prevention problems and streamline a wide array of processes which are causing businesses to waste money or time. Along with a practical approach to the strong adoption of green practices and assisted automation, Conventment strives to become a staple in the cannabis market. The platform aims to become a viable logistics platform along with a selection of streamlined B2B solutions.

The cannabis industry is a wide market. Cannabis tokens have come as a much-needed relief for its major issues. It’s a strong boost to its infrastructure, and as a different paradigm in its production. With the rapid growth and adoption of new logistics tech, CNVT tokens are surely a good buy as its value will skyrocket later on.

About Conventment:

Conventment is an IoT-based security and logistics platform designed for the legal cannabis industry. The platform is built with productivity and scalability in mind. It uses advanced technologies like IoT middleware, Python, and Ethereum to become the ‘Internet of Cannabis Logistics.’ It can be done by connecting businesses in the legal cannabis market.

To know more information about Conventment’s CNVT token, contact Linda Hopkins at 786-408-8773. Visit Conventment’s website at

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