Xiamen “Didaozan” – Appreciate the charm of a city

With the increasing process of globalization, the traditional cuisine of China, as a kind of force that cannot be ignored, enters the vision of the West, and the westerners prefer to understand the culture and history of ancient orient from the delicacies. Now, let’s go to Xiamen, a famous historic and cultural city, through the delicacies.

Xiamen, located in the southeast of Fujian Province, China, also called Lu Island, is a special economic zone in China, which has experienced rapid development for its economy and culture since reforming and opening up. Gulangyu- the most important island in this city, has ever been glorious as early as 100 years ago in the period of the Republic of China for its culture accumulation: Lu Gangzhang, the first person in the Chinese phonetic alphabet; John MA, Pioneer Coach of Modern Chinese Sports; Lin Qiaozhi, the pioneer of China’s obstetrics and gynecology; Zhou Tingxu, the first foreign member and oil painter of Royal Society of British Artists… every name represents then glory, and the richness and resplendent of its human history can also be seen. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, Gulangyu, with its unique geographical advantage, learn widely from others’ strong points and converge between China and the West, whose advanced humanistic thought and culture are also praised by Chinese and Western scholars. This kind of unique regional style and features of Gulangyu have been built early due to its unique cultural advantage. Nowadays, crossing the long river of history, Gulangyu shows us its different styles. Taste is a good medicine to wake up the deepest memories of the city, which attracts you to explore and pursue.

Such beautiful city, Xiamen attracts you with not only her beautiful scenery and stories, but also her delicacies. Inherited to today, after thousands of years of historical changes of the rise and fall, the cuisines of the southern Fujian are showed in front of the world – the enduring historical heritage, the endless cultural lifeline, and the historical foundation of millennium.

Generally speaking, nothing is more deeply rooted than memory among people and nothing is more worthwhile to savor than a feeling. When you come here and uncover the history of the dust laden past, you will sign a life of beauty and power. It is helpful for building bright future to inherit millennial culture. Thus, a kind of new power, the power of culture – “Didaozan” is condensed and converged with all feelings that blood is thicker than water, all accumulated memories and all hidden history.

“Didaozan” not only means delicious foods, but also represents a kind of feelings. “Didao” is a kind of goodliness “remaining true”, and the simplest and most true feelings rooted in every person’s life. Zan refers to goodliness and pursuit, an excelsior perseverance, and also a kind of persistence and retention of “still”. The name of Didaozan has the confidence and mission in inheriting and carrying forward the local culture, and of course, it contains a good faith to carry forward the good and pursue the source of life. The authentic Xiamen cuisine is showed to the world once again with sincere cooperation.

In Didaozan, what you taste is absolutely not only the local flavor, but also the goodliness and hope on the local flavor. Dozens of Xiamen traditional delicacies, such as, “most sincere and simplest” Sha Cha Noodles, Taro bags with “maiden feelings” and Spring Rolls with “respect”… and so on, not only give you the satisfaction of your taste, but also make you feel most sincere goodliness. You also can enjoy the special hand courtesy in Xiamen – pies, pineapple crisps, and Hongjing Tea.

In addition to making you feel the most authentic Xiamen food, “Didaozan” also brings you the imagination of the old Xiamen. With delicacies as medium, “Didaozan” leads you to walk into the magical and beautiful culture world. With ingenious diet culture and design concept as the medium, everything in “Didaozan” is pregnant with a kind of “intellectuality” and “rhyme”, which is also extremely similar to the unique culture and rhyme in Xiamen. In Xiamen, along with the steps of history, people will walk into a wider world and look for a better future with an international perspective. “Didaozan”, with the perfect integration of the art and life of the east feeling and west rhyme, is more like the experience space of a Xiamen culture.

With the principles of “creation, extreme, art, and green” of “Didaozan”, Sha Cha Noodles, the main food and beverage product, gives you sincere flavor and crisp soft taro bags make you want to take root here. However, if you think that beer and skittles are the essence of Didaozan, you are totally mistaken.  The food in Didaozan is just the praise in the shallow layer, while the long and heavy historical background is really worth appreciating. The world cultural heritage- the cultural rhyme of “east feelings and west rhyme” in Gulangu is promoted in Didaozan, deducing the essence of the city in the international view. Due to the historical reasons, buildings in different styles of China and foreign countries are completely gathered and retained, which are called “universal architecture Expo”. Thus, this city integrates the east and the west with its openness and inclusiveness as well as earnestness and retains the most beautiful truth. With good climate and beautiful scenery, it’s like spring all the year round in such an island. In the absent of the hustle and bustle of the car and horse, with a great number of classical pianos hidden, refreshing and elegant, people who live a life of rapid rhyme often never stop because of their goals so as to miss much beautiful scenery. The life esthetics both in Didaozan and Gulangyu are the same, namely, people live for enjoying lives.

With the accompanying title, such as, the famous Chinese food store, Xiamen landmark food, Chinese famous wine, Chinese famous cake, AAA Corporate Credit Rating, China International Fair for Investment and Trade ( CIFITofficial gift, 2018 five star merchants by public comments… Didaozan is gradually becoming a star restaurant in Xiamen.

From the beginning of foundation, Didaozan is devoted to presenting the esthetics rhyme of “east feelings and west rhyme” in Xiamen, and promoting pure classic aesthetics and aesthetic taste in the eye of integration of culture of the east and the west; now, it also turns to promote the development of industry reform with excellent quality and exquisite workmanship and becomes the bench marking of the quality of the industry’s products; “Didaozan” takes root in history and integrates the openness and inclusiveness of Xiamen so as to make the integrity of the character of treating people with sincerity and the cultural heritage of the east and west, deducing the beauty and height of the old xiamen.

“Didaozan”, remaining true to our original aspiration, will present a better picture to the world and help Xiamen cuisine become beautiful and plentiful.

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