Xiamen Didaozan – A representation of Chinese ethnic and traditional culture

Every city has its unique taste impression! Xiamen is as a famous seaside tourist city, and what’s Xiamen’s unique taste impression,

As a coastal city in China, Xiamen is also one of the earliest special economic zones to carry out opening-door policy. Former US President Nixon once praised Xiamen as “eastern Hawaii”. In 2017 BRICS summit, Xiamen, has become the focus of the world again.

For the visitors from all over the world, the quickest way to get to know Xiamen is to try local delicacies here. Today we visited Didaozan, the famous brand representing Xiamen local culture, and we enjoyed Xiamen food and handcrafted culture together.

The gorgeous appearance and display of the details in Didaozan Experience Center reflect eastern and western culture. The dining room is decorated with all-brass theme. The whole space is extremely luxurious which uses 20 tons of copper. Every brick on the wall, every mural, every paper towel, and all of them are from the designer’s consideration and custom-made style. Every detail is a work of art with designers’ efforts. Every comer, like a luxury, shows the perfect. From interior design to the tableware, we all can see the elegance. Every tableware is octagonal shape, and the pattern of the tableware shows beautiful Gulangyu, dexterous egret, lovely dolphin, the blooming bougainvillea…The artisanal tableware is from Italian designers, which has created a desire to possess it at the opening of a meal. The strict requirements create the perfect experience of taste. When you enter the restaurant, its design will tell you the story of The Times. The feeling of lips and teeth reveals the intriguing connotation and historical significance that can be explored deeply.

Every dish is a ultimate pursuit. For the purest taste, Didaozan fries the little shrimp of July or August and grind them into oil, with soup-stock and fried peanuts, and then simmered. The time is the secret of the noodle soup. And the key of releasing summer heat is the fusion of vegetables and noodles. The wrapper is the soul of spring rolls. Its production follows the change of the season. It always appears during the Spring Festival and before Tomb Sweeping Day. The wrapper of the spring roll requires the good cutting techniques which will roll the vegetables to bring crispy taste.

Perhaps a light tea contains the flavor of history. I think this only meat bone tea in the world, take a sip, and the aftertaste is the glorious history of the nanyang Chinese. When the pig bone meets the Chinese medicine, the unique herbal fragrance permeates every piece of meat, the meat quality returns to the fragrance, the entrance is changed immediately, that comes from two kinds of food materials strange collocation, already dissolves the satiety to have the person to be full of aftertaste, even in the air disperses the person’s delicate fragrance, the soup juice and the meat taste is rich, the level is distinct. As if it is a pleasant and relaxing trip, lips and teeth remain fragrant.

Now the question is: how did Didaozan come from? That brings up its founder, Mr. Wu. Mr. Wu, a native-born citizen, came up with the idea of creating a brand of “authentic praise” in order to let more people experience real Xiamen style. He laments that the life of fast food makes people lose the idea of exploring the beauty of life, but only the increasing pace of life. For peace of heart, Mr. Wu created this exquisite catering, and carefully planned it for six years.

Fortunately, Didaozan is successful. Since the opening of Didaozan, it receives many tourists and local residents’ praise from all over the country and it accepts by the world. Authentic formula, best research and development team, innovative techniques, professional, meticulous and customized service quality, as well as artistic and tasteful dining environment are the core of Didaozan. This famous restaurant, combined with the noble feature of Gulangyu, welcomes every friend from afar.

The presents of Didaozan bring special afternoon time for you. With lazy sunshine, a cup of light Hongjing tea, a plate of pineapple crisp, the whole afternoon will be immersed in the aftertaste of this tea. Look at the blue sky, you perhaps feel endless blue, or maybe the drifting white clouds… A black tea, and also a good mood.

In six years’ efforts, Didaozan pays attention to every detail instead of rushing, and creates the best journey for you. If you walk into Didaozan one day, you will believe spirituality on the wall, taste the classic food, and enjoy the physical and mental pleasure. It is an extreme pursuit of food and art. I’d like to recommend this to everyone and welcome your arrival.

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