KCC Scientific Mains Frequency and Voltage Converters

Designed and built in the USA, KCC Scientific products solve the entire mains power conversion problem, helping connect you to your comforts anywhere in the world. A frequency converter that provides precision sine wave voltage and frequency conversion in a single product, KCC Scientific converters are the perfect, economically-priced solution for a variety of needs. Although there are an array of mains power conversion products on the market, no other solution exists that solves the conversion problem completely. This is because, in addition to voltage conversion, KCC converters provide the very important frequency conversion which has not been available at an affordable level, until now.

Both voltage and frequency conversion are needed when traveling or moving to a location with a different power grid. An excellent alternative to large, noisy transformers, KCC products produce the smooth, clean sine wave power your device was designed to accommodate. KCC never takes short cuts with square wave or quasi sine wave converters. Designed to protect both the converter and the device being powered, their products are conservatively power rated and well protected from overloads.

Offering a selection of options from their Apollo model, ideal for 24V AC turntables, alarm systems, motors, sprinkler systems, and thermostats, all the way to their Hercules model, made with higher power audio systems and many industrial applications in mind, KCC Scientific has the correct solution for you. All KCC frequency converters include a compatible, universal, safety-certified wall adapter to power the converter safely anywhere in the world. Designed and made in the USA, all KCC Scientific products are confidently backed with a two-year warranty.

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