KCC Scientific Puts an End to Historic Power Conversion Problems

From 2011, KCC Scientific has offered their customers trustworthy, economically priced, high-precision frequency converters. Ingenuously made, a KCC frequency changer can produce clean power, no matter the device, and no matter where you are on the globe.

What is frequency in electricity? Frequency is the number of times that voltage or current changes polarity per second. Frequency is measured in cycles (changes in polarity) per second, or Hertz (abbreviated Hz). The two most common mains power line frequencies in use throughout the world are 60Hz (North America) and 50Hz (broadly speaking, everywhere else). 

Why is the mains power line frequency important? As an example, the mains power line frequency governs the speed at which your device’s motor will operate. Therefore, a frequency converter needs to be excruciatingly exact, correct, and stable.

What is a voltage converter, and why is the difference significant? Unlike a frequency converter, a voltage converter transforms the AC electrical output of the mains power line voltage. Keep in mind that by itself, a voltage converter is unable to do the necessary work of also changing frequency. The voltage required for a device is significant.  If exceeded, damage to the device may be caused.  If too low, the device will not function. 

As a result, it is vital to use the correct voltage and frequency for which a device was designed.  Absolutely no budget converters anywhere precisely address both frequency and voltage, nor do they deliver clean power. Only KCC Scientific offers affordable solutions that truly get the job done properly.

An electrical voltage and frequency converter designed by KCC will provide both voltage and frequency conversion – so essential, whether you’re temporarily traveling or relocating to somewhere that does not have the same power grid required for your device.

Does all this seem confusing?  Then simply select KCC Scientific products and let us worry about the details for you!

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