Empower fitness industry to create a new industry pattern, BodyOne, a blockchain fitness ecology, has renounced the world splendidly

On 30th July 2018, BodyOne, the world’s first blockchain fitness ecology, was created in Beijing. In the meantime, the first blockchain Spinning cycles loading with BodyOne smart chips have been put into mass production. Lee Bin, Father of fitness operations from Beijing, Intervalue, a maker of blockchain technology, and DHZ, carrier-level equipment provider have combined together and taken a key step in the field of blockchain fitness across the century.


As the world’s first blockchain fitness ecology, BodyOne uses blockchain technology to realize resource integration, data integration and realization of the data value in the fitness industry. BodyOne is openning up the initiative method in fitness industry. Bodyone will monetize your passion with sweat , which is the core of BodyOne fitness application. BodyOne takes the blockchain Spinning cycle  with the smart chip as the starting point. Through intelligent contract and data models, the calories generated by the users’ exercises are directly converted into the Tokens of the BodyOne platform. The platform will upload the data to blockchain, realize the transaction value, and build the value transmission and trading system of the intelligent fitness industry.

BodyOne builds a globally oriented blockchain fitness industry ecological platform, which is composed of users, fitness equipment vendors, fitness service providers, coaches and other participants in the industry. The data generated by the behavior of each node in the ecology will realize the value interconnection and extra rewards of data through blockchain technology. The behavior of platform ecology generates virtual currency, which rewards the active participation of users and service providers, and motivates all parties of the joint node with Token, and allocates 80% of platform profit to each user of the platform. BodyOne advocates dividends to owners to attract ownership and build an ecosystem.


BodyOne innovates in product design, designs online competition items, and organizes to sign up with tokens for fat burning contests, so as to encourage users to keep fit, hit the gym and make the social interaction of cycling competitions into reality. In the future, users can also develop their own projects in BodyOne store, connect smart devices with a chip, and deliver value. The open platform makes BodyOne into Apple in the fitness world and allows projects to be shared online as long as you meet the requirements of the agreement. With an open mind, BodyOne goes beyond Apple. After all, BodyOne allocates 80% of its profit to users in the ecosystem, allowing users to work with the company to build the ecosystem and achieve real mutual benefits.

The BodyOne foundation was founded by Mr. Lee Bin, the founder of Nirvana Fitness & Spa. Lee Bin has been working in the fitness industry for 20 years and is known as the “Father of Commercial Fitness in China”. Lee Bin is well aware of the pain of the anti-human side of the fitness industry, and the Token incentive mechanism of the economy is the only cure for laziness. Lee Bin, together with cryptography experts and Dr. Barton Chao, a senior blockchain technical expert with ten years of front-line development experience. BodyOne is supported by the Intervalue, the world’s first practical blockchain 4.0 project to support large-scale applications. Intervalue has strong abilities to support multimillion-magnitude TPS public chains, which also provides a technical guarantee for users who use BodyOne fitness equipment frequently in the future to get Token calculations and dividends in real-time.

In order to ensure the quality of the blockchain mining hardware, Lee Bin worked with DHZ, an aircraft-carrier tier manufacturer of fitness equipment in China. DHZ, when its own orders are in short supply, sends out a special design and development team with industry fitness technical experts,connecting with American designers, connecting with the BodyOne team, and arranging the stress testing of the equipment. Everything is new and the whole team is excited about it.DHZ launched BodyOne as key project in two times of Chinafit Exhibition in Shanghai. BodyOne has made itself a big hit in the fitness industry as two of the biggest names in the fitness industry have teamed up with a master in the blockchain industry of the decade. The blockchain fitness era has come!

At present, BodyOne program has identified ten million-level cornerstone investment, which is led by senior investment institutions in the blockchain including  Acapital, Achain, Btcdo, Rootscap, Huoxing 24 and followed by many angel investors. As a pioneer in the traditional fitness industry, Lee Bin is confident to start again. This time, he will make an invitation to his partners in the traditional fitness industry to bring them into building the “sky city” of fitness ecology. He believes that the opening act of blockchain fitness is imminent and that BodyOne could become a killing application for the fitness industry and energize the finess industry as a whole.

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