In the 5th Quarter Pierre Evans Is Teaching His Team to Run the Play

The 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Quarter are important but in the 5th Quarter the Decision Made will Determine the Win.

Motivational speaker and author Pierre Evans is fearlessly helping organizations and entrepreneurs discover new ways to stretch their boundaries, compete at higher levels and finally strike that often-elusive life balance, to publishing insightful online videos helping others live a more rewarding life, you’ll find Pierre Evans to be the keynote speaker with more than just a “speech.” Evans delivers. The right message and the right motivators.

Evans is scheduled to tour several states during his 5th Quarter Living Series with a focus on the establishment of value-based initiatives for those looking to make a positive change in life, by unleashing their truest self. Evans’ capacity to see what’s missing and to ensure his audience members draw from their innate “PURPOSE” makes Pierre the ideal architect as a “model” in change-movement.

Pierre Evans’ is well regarded as confident, approachable and transparent. In short, his measure of success is through results. Evans’ achievements is primarily based on his track record in increasing self-awareness, reducing costs, bringing out the best in executives and possessing the ability to solve problems using innovative approaches. Pierre is a remarkable husband, father, author, and coach for those who seek to truly be their best [self] guided purpose.

Pierre Evans’ is the President and Founder of Re-Empower LLc, the company’s mission is secured on believing anyone and everyone can experience fulfillment. People are entitled to living out their best-self. Re-Empower LLC, dares to redefine the expression and achievement of success. The company provides the following coaching, training, and inspiring set-by-step [self-search] models.

“Pierre is a man that is not only large in stature but also in voice, heart and passion. Pierre’s experiences throughout his life have carved him into a man who knows what it’s like to grow up in the roughest circumstances yet still find a way to come out on top. When Pierre speaks he speaks not just from the pain that he has been through but, with the love and hope for changing the lives of others because of his experience. Pierre sees the best in every circumstance and you can see it in his infectious smile. Brace yourself for emotion, passion and desire when you listen to him because 5th quarter living doesn’t stop for anyone.” – Ben Clawson

Re-Empower LLC has a variety of proven tools to help engage with its publics and reconnect with resources of purpose, power and creativity. Through Re-Empower LLC’s recent media partnership with Exposure Magazine – the company has access to over 2.5 million readers and 314,000+plus paid-subscribers. Pierre is devoted to expanding the company’s territory, publics, and engagement by seeking partnerships, speaking opportunities, and collaborations around the world.

Upcoming Live Appearance

Pierre Evans will be the keynote speaker for DREAMSHINE in Columbus, Ohio on August 6-8th 2018 [for more details visit

More About Dreamshine

Dreamshine is an innovative year round Adult Day Support, including job, community engagement, and transportation. Our campus is located on a lush 2.5 acres with 2 beautiful buildings: Our Log Cabin and Waterfront Lodge. We feature a stocked pond for fishing, a fruit tree orchard, vegetable and herb garden, hot tub, woods, koi pond, and so much more!

Dreamshine was Founded in 2007 by Amy and Mark Minard, a brother and sister team. The vision was born out of a passion for creating and maintaining an amazing program and beautiful environment based upon creating incredible options for each individual with developmental disabilities, focusing on incredible options tailored to the person first/centered, for each individual Dreamshine is honored to serve and most important… to have fun!!!!

Reclaim Your Life, September 8th 2018
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Reclaim Your Life, September 15th 2018
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