New Book unlocks the secret to aging gracefully

“The Ultimate Road Map to Aging Gracefully” unlocks the wisdom to age gracefully, happily and bravely through adherence to certain positive and dynamic practices from early age.

Kerala, India – August 1, 2018 – The iconic playwright George Bernard Shaw had once famously said – “You don’t stop laughing when you grow old, you grow old when you stop laughing.”

Old age is a phase most of us dread of. But contrary to the conventional beliefs, old age could be actually fun, provided one is careful to practice the right knowledge, ideals and practices. And a new book has unveiled the proven principles of aging gracefully in good health and happiness that successfully debunk the depressing myths about old age. 

Aptly titled “The Ultimate Road Map to Aging Gracefully”, the book is authored by Mr. Sati Achath and Mr. Rishi Kumar Jain. It was recently launched on Amazon and is already bustling with rave reviews from readers. The 212-pages long book houses 29 chapters that discuss in detail about aging, its different aspects, the design of human body and most importantly the thoughts and practices of a positive aging.

According to the authors of the book, the art of aging gracefully should start from an early age.

“Some people are of the opinion that preparation for old age should begin as it arrives. But that’s not a wise thing to do. Do we start the wedding preparations on the wedding day? Likewise, the practice of graceful aging should begin when one is still young. One must maintain an upbeat and positive attitude towards aging, try to avoid unhealthy practices as well as focus on self-discipline to ensure a happy, cheerful and healthy second innings”, reads the book. 

When it comes to adoption of healthy practices, the book stresses on a routine of regular exercise, controlled balanced diet and avoidance of a sedate lifestyle- like watching TV for longer hours. Alongside, the book also encourages the readers to follow a positive and dynamic mindset, free from procrastination, lethargic attitudes, grudge and malice. It advises people to embrace change and accept life as it comes with a smile on the face.

“The main mantra of ‘successful aging’ is a state of mental, physical and social wellbeing in your old age. It refers to a stage where your cognitive abilities are still working fine, you are content about life and you are very much involved in it- despite the growing numbers. Our book is your ultimate guide-map to understand the aging process and learn how to live it bravely and happily. Aging is a natural process but if we have the zeal, we can experience graceful aging”, explained the authors.  

“This book shows the quintessential difference between getting reduced to depressed senile couch-potatoes at advance age and growing old cheerfully with pro-active involvement in life. Whether you are in your youth or on the verge of aging, our book will help you to live your old years in joy and dignity.” 

Added to proven wisdom on aging gracefully, the book also houses inspirational quotes that will motivate readers to adopt the healthy physical and mental practices fundamental to positive aging.  

About the authors: 

Mr. Sati Achath – A man of many parts, Mr. Achath is an internationally famous ventriloquist, magician, hand-shadows master, cartoonist, caricaturist, motivational speaker as well as an author. Acknowledged as a “Person of Extraordinary Ability” by the US Government, Mr. Achath is currently serving as a Project Evaluation Specialist for the World Bank. As an author, he has penned various self-help books, including one book for children. “The Ultimate Road Map to Aging Gracefully” is his seventh book.  

Mr. Rishi Kumar Jain – An erstwhile Member in Central Electricity Authority in India, Mr. Jain is a mechanical engineer. Presently, he holds the position of consultant in the World Bank. Also a versatile author, he has penned several books on mechanical engineering, happy living and self-development practices. 

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