Why Do So Many Players Prefer To Buy Northdale Gold From V7Gaming?

At V7Gaming.com, players are able to buy gold, accounts & powerleveling (boosting) services for the most popular Classic WoW Private Server called Northdale, launched by the Light’s Hope project on 23rd June.

V7Gaming offers LightsHope Northdale Gold and Boosting/Account services for the most popular Legacy Vanilla WoW server. This new World of Warcraft realm is based on the same development core as Lightbringer, which in turn, is using the original core developed by the Nostalrius Begins team. Light’s Hope is a private Vanilla WoW project and has the highest quality scripts, which focuses on all aspects of the game including raid content, perfectly working line of sight, NPC speech text, pathing, pack linking, and many more.

V7Gaming.com is providing “Northdale Gold”, “Northdale Powerleveling” & “Level 60 Account” services. The services are for the Legacy Vanilla Classic World of Warcraft server which was launched on 23rd June by the LH team. Many elements of the game have been developed including dungeons, raids, professions, and PvP.

Our website previously provided gold and power leveling (gaming) services for the Nostalrius Begins Legacy Vanilla World of Warfare Server. The main service is to provide gold (virtual game currency) and game accounts to players, but the private server in general is quite popular with its player base. The website is a professional gold gaming piece seller and is focused on providing fast and reliable service.

According to the spokesperson for the website, “We strive to deliver as quickly as possible, up to a couple of hours, depending on our availability. Once the purchase is complete, we contact the buyer on their e-mail address to appoint a delivery transfer with you. The details of the trade cannot be disclosed publicly, due to the nature of the trade. The prices which are set reflect the demand of the buyers and the amount of stock available.”

The Game Masters of Light’s Hope do not like gold buying and selling transactions, but the website owners have developed strict and secure transfer methods in order that participants in the transaction can feel safe. The rules are followed and they do not break the game. The methods for farming and delivery are done by playing the game as it was intended. No details are shared outside of the transaction, with absolutely no exceptions to the strict and secure delivery process.

For more information, visit https://V7Gaming.com

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