National Press Distributors Announce Topnotch Attorneys Taking on New Clients

The National Press Distributors conducted research into personal injury lawyers in an effort to find the best of all time. The NPD uncovered that child injury is a special section of the law. It requires a specific set of skills and expertise to represent child injury victims, and their families, in court.

Even if cases do not go so far as to be presented in front of a judge, the lawyer handling the case needs to be knowledgeable in the field. The National Press Distributors found that most times, if a lawyer did not specifically specialize in the field of child injury, the cases resulted in more losses.

Lawyers know enough about the law in general to make guesses based on logic and practice. However, without the specialized expertise, child injury cases can end in less wins than an actual child injury lawyer would produce. Mistakes can be made when people try to handle cases that they are not familiar with in entirety.

The National Press Distributors looked at Seattle-based attorneys that specialize in personal injury incidents. One firm in particular caught the eye of NPD. The personal injury law firm of Wiener & Lambka earned praise from the National Press Distributors in a recent review.

Personal injury cases cover a wide range of issues. From child injury accidents to pedestrian accidents and automobile accidents involving negligence, personal injury is a generic term in and of itself. The part that matters most is how the incident is categorized.

Child injury accidents are a very sensitive subsection of personal injury law because of the nature of the victims. Children require special care, treatment, and explanations when involved in accidents.

Incidents that involve pedestrians are very tricky cases to handle. They tie into automobile accidents involving negligence. All personal injury cases require intentional neglect, and a refusal to uphold the law, in order to press charges.

National Press Distributors looked at the rates of success of personal injury law firms in Washington State. They were curious to find attorneys who were not only dedicated to their craft but who also excelled in their professions.

National Press Distributors found that passion drives excellence. Attorneys who trust in their abilities and have a personal attachment to their cases tend to have greater rates of success in trials and cases overall.

Other factors taken into consideration were additional areas of practice, location of office, and initial rates. The National Press Distributors placed law firms that did not charge for an initial consultation, and those that did, in different categories. It did not affect their rankings.

Wiener & Lambka, a Seattle-based firm, was recently acknowledged by National Press Distributors for their wide array of services. The company has expanded their reach and increased the cities they serve. Wiener & Lambka are now offering services to clients in Tacoma, Everett, Renton, Bellevue, and Seattle.

For those looking for an attorney who handles personal injury cases, Wiener & Lambka is welcoming new clients. Please direct any questions or comments to Wiener & Lambka’s press personnel.

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