DL (DREAM LIST) Joints Together with World-Class Social Software

Recently, the DL (DREAM LIST) Public Relations Department officially announced that it had cooperated with five world-class social software, once again demonstrating DL (DREAM LIST)’s core competitiveness in the fiercely competitive informatized market.

It is indeed a wise choice with double benefit to work and exchange technologies with other social software R & D enterprises, especially against backdrop of gradually saturated market. For one thing, DL (DREAM LIST) has coped with the pressure from the same platform and obtained more quality information channels; for another, through these world-class social media, DL (DREAM LIST) has transformed, upgraded and created a new profit mode in terms of converting flow into cash.

As DL (DREAM LIST)’s partners, Twitter, Facebook, WeChat and QQ share one thing in common – a self-owned social circle with strong branding, because they believe that a social circle turns every user into a flow owner and communicator, thus generating benefits.

Through these partnerships, DL (DREAM LIST) aims to change the social circle into a cash machine, so that users can successfully convert the flow into cash. To this end, under the unremitting efforts of its R&D team, DL (DREAM LIST) has created a “honeycomb flow conversion” mode based on its huge information source. Its core is to increase flow and turn it into cash. Honeycomb mode can create seeds (Dream-Bt) that can be sown. The more seeds grow, the more wealth they get from conversion. When more people become part of DL, the “Honeycomb Community” will spread more energy to attract more flow owners to purchase flow. Since DL (DREAM LIST) has the communication power shared by members, it can also create more wealth for members to turn the flow into cash. In such a virtuous circle, DL (DREAM LIST) will create greater profits and return it to its members.

Can ordinary social circles bring such huge capital? Given the reasonable operation of DL (DREAM LIST), the answer is yes for sure. Through hundreds of thousands of comments in these social circles, DL (DREAM LIST) makes these comments be forwarded and be given likes to generate flow value. When these flows are gathered in large amounts, they will generate huge energy that can be converted into wealth. It seems that all users of Twitter, Facebook and WeChat have their own social circle, and everyone has the communication value behind these social circles. When these communication values are gathered together, they will create huge energy, and without doubt, DL (DREAM LIST) is the platform for changing these flows into wealth.

At the market share level, DL (DREAM LIST) quickly picks up the market share of global flow with strong platform capital and rich experience. As a public-good foundation, DL (DREAM LIST) is no less smart than other organizations when it comes to business operation. Moreover, in terms of wealth sharing, DL (DREAM LIST) may do it even better.

DL (DREAM LIST), together with world-class social software, has created its own innovative social platform!

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