2018 Robot Vacuum Cleaners Review, Why Liectroux Can Be The Annual Hot Sale

In the movie “From Vegas To Macau” which starred by Zhou runfa, the intelligent robot housekeeper with Sichuan accent is amused and cute. Although sometimes it makes mistakes, he still keeps the housekeeping in order, which is impressive. The progress of technology has made this kind of robot housekeeper more accessible, and intelligent robot vacuum cleaner are becoming more and more popular. They have high artificial intelligence. As long as the mode is set, they can automatically clean the floor. And people’s hands are completely liberated.

There are many kinds of robot vacuum cleaners and our robot vacuum cleaner website has also started the review of 2018 robot vacuum cleaners. This time we are reviewing the hot-sale products of 2018 – German brand Liectroux.  (You can view the website: http://www.liectroux.us/ or http://www.liectroux.ru/). We chose the model of Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner for evaluation. We will evaluate and analyze its advantages and disadvantages from the the aspects of appearance and packaging, intelligence level, machine hardware. We  hope that we can provide consumers with some suggestions for purchasing.

1. Appearance and Packaging

When you get the Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner, you will have the main unit, charging base, remote controller, virtual wall, power adapter, trailer, mop brush and filter all in one. The manual is simple and clear. And you can easily start the intelligent experience. You will not encounter too many obstacles before you start using it. Its overall design is still very user-friendly. Product net weight is 3.3kg and product size is 35*10cm. It takes up a small space and does not occupy a large area like a vacuum cleaner. Its appearance is streamlined and the use of metal and composite materials make the robot vacuum cleaner look fresh and cool. The first impression of Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner is great.

2. Hardware configuration

Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner possesses a very complete hardware configuration. The universal wheel of the flank ensures unobstructed operation of the machine. It is also equipped with a lifting bracket to ensure the ability to overcome obstacles and sweep the complex terrain. The front bumper and anti-drop detector make the machine more stable when it is running, which enables this model of robot vacuum cleaner to easily deal with all kinds of small obstacles and also provides the necessary hardware guarantee for intelligence. Liectroux’s suction is strong. Its mute and strong power modes are interchangeable and its cleaning ability is excellent. This is inseparable from the power of the motor. The strong power mode will inevitably be noisy but it will not be too noisy. And it will not be as noisy as the electric drill decoration of the upstairs. The dust box needs to be cleaned regularly to ensure the clean operation of the machine but the 1L large-capacity storage box guarantees that you do not need to worry about the cleaning work every day.

2018 Robot Vacuum Cleaners Review,   Why Liectroux Can Be The Annual Hot Sale

However, in the review of the 2018 robot vacuum cleaners, Liectroux’s brushes seem to be afraid of the hair. Once it was tortured by the hair and walls, the side brushes would be easily deformed. This is also the only problem of this machine in its hardware testing. However, the manufacturer of brand indicate that the problem has been satisfactorily solved by increasing the flexibility of the brush in batches produced after June 2018.

3. Intelligent Degree

The main panel of the Liectroux robot vacuum cleaner has an auto-clean button, a recharge button and a cleaning time setting button to make it have a convenient and efficient operation. Together with the use of remote control and the application of app, it has truly realized the liberation of hands. The auto-clean button allows the machine to start automatic cleaning and automatically recharge itself when the battery is low. You don’t need to worry about that there is no power while sweeping halfway. The use of the virtual wall makes the B6009 robot vacuum cleaner’s 2D memory technology work better. Its intelligent memory, automatic cleaning, no need to worry. Its degree of intelligence is the best in the robot vacuum cleaners with same configuration.

4. Cost Performance

The Liectroux B6009 robot vacuum cleaner is priced at US$248.39. Compared to its equally positioned robot vacuum cleaner, its price is reasonable. The Xiaomi second generation robot vacuum cleaner has similar performance and price as Liectroux. As for the robot vacuum cleaners of brands like Dyson and iRobot which have high price and high cost performance, they do not have too much reference value.

Summary: In the 2018 robot vacuum cleaners review, we can find that the Liectroux B6009 is a robot vacuum cleaner that worth buying. It is very competitive in terms of intelligence, hardware configuration and cost performance. Apart from the brand factor, those are also the reasons why Liectroux can be the annual hot sale.

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